Computer infected with Virus, how to detect?

Computer infected with Virus, how to detect?

Virus is one of the biggest threats to computer users, computer virus programs are designed to steal or destroy personal data of users, if they are inquiring about infected computers. , how to detect? Readers refer to the following article of

Virus Malicious programs designed to steal data or devastate targeted computer systems, in order to support an attacker’s target.

These types of malware are increasingly spreading widely, the number of users infected with viruses is increasing due to the absence of applying security solutions. To detect a computer infected with a virus, there are two important issues that we need to address first. The first is to look for signs of computer infection with viruses and the second is to apply anti-virus software, programs integrated protection mechanism in real time.

Computer viruses come in many different types and sizes, but they all have an attack in the victim’s computer to serve the attacker’s purpose. There are 3 most common viruses Backdoor, Trojan and Rootkit. In the previous articles, introduced to you what Backdoor, Trojan and Rootkit are. This article will guide you how to detect computer infected with virus.

Computer infected with Virus, how to detect?

Here are some signs that a computer is infected with a virus:

Method 1: Monitor computer performance

Check hard drive activity: If you do not run any programs that the hard drive light is on and off, or if the sound of the hard drive is still heard, chances are the virus is running in the background. Or the CD-ROM drive opens up abnormally

Computer virus virus how to detect 2

– The computer starts in how long: If you notice that your computer is starting to take longer to boot than usual, it is likely that the virus is slowing down the boot process. Or if you can’t log in to Windows, even if you have entered the correct credentials, it is likely a virus.

computer virus virus how to detect 3

– Observe the modem lights: If there are no programs running in the background and the modem switch light keeps flashing, this may be because the virus is transmitting data over the network.

Computer virus virus how to detect 4

Method 2: Track programs, files, system browser

– Applications that are constantly suspended: If common applications and programs encounter crashes, hang, freeze frequently, take a long time to load or execute, this is one of the symptoms of a computer infected with a virus.

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How to know if your computer is infected with a virus?

– A popup window is constantly displayed: Once the victim’s computer is infected with a virus, the screen will continuously display popup windows or error messages, even if no background programs are running. In addition, viruses can also change the computer wallpaper without the user’s permission. If you notice changes in your computer wallpaper that you can’t make, watch out for infected computers.

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What causes a virus infection?

– The program requires granting firewall access (firewall): If you repeatedly receive a notification that any program requests firewall access, that sign indicates that the program has been infected with a virus. This is because the program is trying to transfer data through the router.

– Files, data: Viruses after intrusion often delete or make changes to files, especially Exe files, Computers infected with exe viruses are at high risk when you save software installation files for a long time, the above directory Computer victim. Suddenly one day your precious files and documents didn’t fly, so watch out for viruses.

– Browser: Web browsers that open new home pages or do not allow to close tabs, popup windows are constantly displayed on the browser window, these signs show that the browser has been attacked by viruses or spyware.

Method 3: Run the software, anti-virus program

– Run antivirus programs: By installing effective antivirus programs on your computer and scanning to check if the computer is infected with viruses and remove viruses if any.

On the Internet there are countless programs and antivirus software, choosing which software is effective is the problem. Moreover, malicious programs may disguise themselves as legitimate anti-virus software to trick users into downloading and installing them.

If you do not know what effective anti-virus program or software, readers can refer to the top article antivirus software Best for computers, laptops on to learn and choose offline.

In case if the computer is infected with a virus and you cannot access to download antivirus software, you can download these software on another computer and transfer the installation file to the USB drive.

– Boot into Safe Mode: Antivirus programs and software work better when in Safe Mode. To access Safe Mode, the easiest way is to restart your computer and during the boot process, press repeatedly F8 key until the Advanced Boot menu appears. Here you choose Safe Mode from the menu.

Besides, there are many signs that your computer, laptop is infected with other viruses such as:

By email

– Friends, colleagues receive mail from your mail, even though you did not send it
– Mailbox contains many messages without sender address

Also readers can refer to the article how go to Safe Mode on Windows 7/8/10 on for some more ways to access Safe Mode.
The above article has just answered you the question of how the computer is infected with Virus, how to detect it? In addition, if you have any questions or questions, readers can leave your comments in the comment section below the article.


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