Create animations, GIFs with GIMP

Create animations, GIFs with GIMP

GIMP is free and open source photo editing software. GIMP can be compared with Photoshop thanks to its powerful and effective tool chain. Especially you can easily create animations with GIMP with just a few simple steps.

Currently there are many software that supports creating animations from images or videos. Can you Create animations from videos with GifCam or from images by other software

GIMP has almost all the tools that Photoshop has, does not require much installation effort, does not require a strong computer configuration, and above all is completely free. GIMP is the ideal choice for amateur photo editors, the following article will guide you how to create animations with GIMP software, along with track.

How to create animations with GIMP

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of GIMP for the best support, download GIMP

– Setting: Quite simple, you just need to follow the instructions.

Step 2: Start the software. Choose Open as layers … to open the image in the program.

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The interface of GIMP is quite similar to Photoshop, including the image main page.

– Toolbar Toolbox (Window / New Toolbox).

– Thanh Layers, chanels, paths, undo – brushes, patterns, gradients (Window / Recently Closed Docks / Layer, chanels, paths, undo – brushes, patterns, gradients).

Step 3: To create motion for the image, you enter Filters / Animation. And choose motion effects including:

– Blend …: Motion effects fade between 2 layers

– Burn-In: Text effect

– Rippling: Wind blowing effect

– Spinning Globe: Rotating sphere effect

– Wave: Wavy effect

Here we will choose Blend … to create fading motion between 2 or more layers background, that is, you must have a minimum of 3 images in 3 separate layers.

Step 4: Dialog box Script – Fu: blend appear:

– Intermediate frames: Intermediate number of frames (the higher this number, the slower the transfer speed)

– Max blur radius: Maximum opacity

– Lopped: repeat (choose if you want to repeat animation content)

After setting the indicator, press OK, got it to perform.

Step 5: To see the results, go to Filters / Animation / Playback

Press the button Play

Step 6: Finally, you enter Files / Export as and export the file as gif

– A dialog box appears, choose a format GIF image (* .gif) and click Export to export the image file.

– Choose As animation and click Export.

And this is the result:
With the simple and detailed instructions above, everyone can create their own animations using GIMP software. So you can create unique animations as a meaningful gift to your relatives and friends. If not satisfied you can refer to and use the top 5 best animation software in


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