Create GIF animations from Videos with Camtasia Studio

Create GIF animations from Videos with Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is a great software for screen recording that is used by many people around the world. This is a software with many good features but very easy to use, anyone can do. The following article will guide you how to create animations from videos with this software.

To create animations, there are many application software to implement such as GifCam, Photoshop, GIMP .. But in this article we want to introduce to you an application software that is Camtasia, Camtasia is not just simple. is a screen capture software that also has the function of creating animations from an extremely simple video with just one click. Stay tuned with us.

Instructions on how to create animations from videos with Camtasia

Download the latest version to get useful features of Camtasia Studio, download Camtasia Studio

Step 1: After installation is complete, launch Camtasia and click on Import media to grab videos available on your computer. You can also record videos directly from this software with the function Record the screen.
Tao tu tu tu video
Step 2: After selecting the Video to create animation you Click Produce and Share
Tao anh gif tu video
Step 3: Click next to continue
Lam tu tu tu video
Step 4: Click here GIF Then choose Next
Lam tu gif
Step 5: After selecting the parameters you click next
Create awesome gif from Camtasia videos
Step 6: Choose a size, Click next
lam dong gif video from camtasia
Step 7: Select the folder path containing animation, click next
Gif design from video with Camtasia
Step 8: Click finish to finish
Video design of Camtasia
And remember to check the results.

So with just a few mouse clicks, you can create yourself a GIF animation from Video by Camtasia software. Also you can refer to some gif creation software such as PhotoScape or tools create GIF online with Video To GIF ours
Using Camtasio Studio to create happy birthday animations is not a bad choice, from attractive action scenes, you can create happy birthday animations right on your computer to give to your loved ones. my friends.


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