DELL Laptop Screen Capture

DELL Laptop Screen Capture

Take a screenshot of the DELL Laptop screen to save the image on the screen you need, not many people know, especially those new to Dell computers. Therefore, will share with you how to take screenshots on Dell laptop line in the most detail.

We have a lot of software that supports taking screenshots of computers. Even software like Screenpress has the ability to both capture and record laptop and PC screens. The small size of Screenpress is also a plus for this software to be trusted by many users.

However, many users do not want to install software due to heavy equipment or time-consuming, then choose to take screenshots without software. More specifically, the way to take screenshots without software is to use Paint software to support computer screen capture. But on Dell laptops, there is one more way to support you how to take screenshots without using the PrintScreen key.

DELL Laptop Screen Capture:

Normally, users who want to take a screenshot of the computer with Paint must use the Print Screen key (PrtScn or Prt Sc) and go to Paint to paste.

Hard keys Print Screen on the PC.

Take a picture of the Dell laptop screen

However, you can also use the following:

Step 1: Click Start. Type the Snipping Tool keyword into the search field. Then click on the application. (Default available on computer)

Take a picture of the Dell laptop screen

Step 2: The software is displayed on Destop. To take a screenshot, click New.

Take a picture of the Dell laptop screen

Step 3: Hover the left mouse button on the desktop to the area you want to take a photo, or the entire screen.

Take a picture of the Dell laptop screen

Step 4: Release the mouse button and you have a screenshot of the desktop. Click to Save image just taken easily.

Take a picture of the Dell laptop screen

Without using the Print Screen hard key, you can still take screenshots of a simple Dell laptop with the Snipping Tools software supported in the computer.

As for Apple mobile devices like iPads, you can also take screenshots quickly. Tips take iPad screen shots will help you retain images on your mobile devices.

If you are using an Asus laptop, please refer to the way screenshot of Asus laptop screen to save unique moments, as well as tips on the screen of your ASUS computer.
For Lenovo laptop users, too, the way screenshot of laptop lenovo It is also relatively easy, you can use shortcuts or software to take photos of Lenovo laptop desktop.


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