Find files on Windows super fast using Locate32

Find files on Windows super fast using Locate32

Find files on Windows super fast with Locate32 is a way to use software to search files super fast. Follow to search for files quickly, do not waste time offline.

Locate32 and Ava Find are small software, but very powerful in finding files in Windows. However, in terms of interface Ava Find There is no simple, easy to use arrangement with Locate32. But in terms of search power, it can be said that these two software are rated at nearly instant speed when searching files.

In fact, to search for files in Windows, users don’t necessarily have to use software. Microsoft has included in My Computer the tools file search in Windows makes it possible for users to search for files without software. But this way has a very slow speed, especially for computers containing too much capacity. For superfast searching of files, follow our following guide.

Find files on Windows super fast using Locate32

– Download Locate32: Download Locate 32

Step 1: Download and select Locate32 32bit or 64bit version to your computer. Then press Install software quickly.

Step 2: In the Locate32 interface. Click File => Update Database => 1: default. This is the way it is used when using Locate32 for the first time, so the software can update the data on the computer.

How to find files in Windows

The software will update the data in a few minutes.

Find the file on Windows

Step 3: Back to the software interface. At Named you can enter the file name to search. For example:, immediately a series of related folders and files will appear below.

Find the file in Windows

Step 4: If you do not remember the file name. Searchable by file size, including minimum filesize (Minimum filesize) or maximum (Maximum filesize). Also, you can limit the number of days for Locate32 to easily find out when the file has appeared on Windows.

Find the file on Windows

Also you can search for other software at Named quickly.

Find the file on Windows

Recently has detailed instructions for you to find files on Windows super fast using Locate32. Usually, after searching for a file, the user will move those folders and files to a USB or another hard drive. For large files several GB or several dozen GB, you should copy files with Tera Copy. When you copy files with Tera Copy, the file copy speed can be up to 4MB / s, making file copying faster than ever (see how to file copy speed up). I wish you effective use!


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