Fix, fix USB error that shows the wrong capacity

Fix, fix USB error that shows the wrong capacity

You have a 4GB USB with no data, you want to copy a file with a few hundred MB in size, but Windows says your USB doesn’t have enough room to copy the file. You check the USB capacity, then your USB only a few MB capacity. Do not worry, the article below Taimienphi will guide you how to fix USB display wrong capacity.

Instructions to fix USB errors displaying the wrong capacity

1. Fix errors with Checkdisk function

Step 1: To enter Start → type cmd → press Enter

USB error is not displayed

Step 2: In the command prompt window type CHKDSK X: / f → press Enter.

Inside X: is the character name of the USB in your device.

2. Format USB

If checking doesn’t work, try reformatting your USB. Carry out backup of important data in USB again before formatting to avoid unfortunate loss.

Tips If the USB format cannot be executed, you can refer to USB non-Format Error Handling

Above we have introduced you how to handle when encountering cases of displaying wrong USB capacity. Hopefully this little tip will help you in the process of using USB.


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