Google Chrome - Open search results in new tabs

Google Chrome – Open search results in new tabs

When you are doing a search for information on browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox or IE. You often want to open a lot of tabs to compare results and how to do it is to right-click and choose to open a new tab, or hold down Ctrl. This takes a lot of your manipulation and time.

If you want to open search results in a browser in a new tab, you usually right-click or hold Ctrl. However, this method takes a long time compared to the automatic setup. You will not have to waste time because of that, a much easier way is to install it directly on Google Chrome so that whenever you click, it will automatically open a new tab. Please do the following:

Set up opening search results in new tabs on Google Chrom

Step 1: You open the Chrome browser settings by following the link: Here

Step 2: Select the tick box Open each selected result in a new browser window. Then choose Save. You turn off the browser and restart. You type the search results and click on the information you find, the browser will automatically open a new tab for you.
Setting up and opening search results in a new tab on Google Chrome is so easy, right, with other browsers such as Firefox or IE also have similar settings.

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