Guide to cut Bad hard drive, bad Sector, bad HDD by PartitionMagic

Guide to cut Bad hard drive, bad Sector, bad HDD by PartitionMagic

For computer users, some errors appear on the device during use is not uncommon. One of the extremely dangerous errors for your computer’s hard drive is Bad-Sector. This error can cause the loss of important data stored on the computer or even completely damage the hard drive. What do you need to do to fix this bad situation? Please refer to the article below, how to cut bad hard drive of Taimienphi, will definitely help you fix it effectively.

Upon detection Hard Drive your is Bad-Sector If it is light, you can use specialized software to localize and remove Bad-Sector parts. If worse, you should back up the data to a new hard drive, because the hard drive has many Bad-Sector. may be corrupted at any time.

Guide to cut Bad hard drive, bad HDD by PartitionMagic

Bad sectors of hard drives with PartitionMagic

Step 1: Insert Hiren BootCD into CD / DVD Rom drive and set in BISO to boot the computer from the CD / DVD Rom drive.

After booting, we move the highlighted area Start BootCD then press Enter to continue.

cat bad in the PartitionMagic state

Step 2: Move the highlight area to Partition Tools … Then press Enter.

Step 3: Move the highlight area to Partition Magic Pro 8.05 then press Enter.

Then the program will list out the parameters of your hard drive.

(In this example the hard drive has an 8Gb partition)

Step 4: If your computer has multiple drives, then select the hard drive which is Bad-Sector and then remember the parameters of that partition to conduct the Bad-Sector zoning again.

After identifying the Bad-Sector affected area, click the button X red to erase, partition bad sectors that partition.

Step 5: When prompted you enter OK, got it from the keyboard into the box to confirm and press OK, got it.

How to cut bad sector hard drive

Step 6: After deleting a partition with Bad-Secter, you need to create a new partition by:

Click on the word C to create new partitions.

Step 7: Set the parameters according to the picture below or optionally, then press OK, got it.

Step 8: Then press Apply to program repartition. Exit the program, restart the computer.

Attention: If Bad-Sector in an partition has an operating system installed, it must be reinstalled and localizing Bad-Sector will lose data on that partition. You should conduct data backup before zoning Bad-Sector.
Above, we have finished how to cut bad hard drive computer, laptop. Hope you are succesful.


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