Guide to live stream N Hu Hu on Facebook

Guide to live stream N Hu Hu on Facebook

Exploding Hu Club is a reputable card game portal on the market today, the game has many attractive card games that have attracted a large number of players, the following article will show you how to live strem Explosion Jar on Facebook.

Facebook is the largest social network today, where millions of people visit each day. Therefore, the live stream on Facebook will be very reasonable and attract many viewers, to own yourself a large number of Friends or Follow.

Stream the game Hu Hu on Facebook is currently being used by a lot of card gamers, mostly to share their playing skills, to see friends and comment. In addition, they also earn additional income through live streaming on facebook.

Guide to live stream N Hu Hu on Facebook

The way to live stream on Facebook is really not as difficult as you imagine, just need a stable connection and a few manipulations that you can perform successfully.

OBS Studio is one of the first software that allows Live Stream Facebook users on the computer, for those who are intending to stream the game Exploding on the computer, using the software is a perfect solution currently. now on. If you do not know how to live stream with OBS Studio, you can refer here

– Tutorial live stream Facebook using BS Studio here.

A software similar to OBS Studio that would recommend to readers is XSplit. XSplit is also a software to live stream computer screens, game screens, or you can use it to live Exploding Game on Facebook to earn stars, make money like other streamers. You can refer to here

– Tutorial Live stream on Facebook with XSplit here.

Live stream Facebook is a live streaming function for a long time but sometimes there are still some small errors or not displaying the pop-up to live stream. Do not worry because has instructions fix live video stream Facebook help that work out more smoothly.
In addition to OBS Studio and XSplit, there are still many software that can help you live stream Exploding Hu Club on Facebook like Open Broadcaster. Refer to how to install Open Broadcaster to use this software on your computer, the steps to install Open Broadcaster are quite simple and fast.


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