How to add fonts to Google Docs

How to add fonts to Google Docs

With a small default font Google Docs can hardly satisfy your users, but you can add additional fonts to Google Docs to have more choices when editing by applying. Use one of the following shared tips.

Google Docs is an online editing tool loved by many users because of the compact and convenient that it brings. Besides, Google Docs also has some shortcomings such as section Fonts font Too restrictive, not much choice.

Instructions for adding fonts to Google Docs

Recently, Google has added 450 different fonts to the tool Google Docs Add more richness to your library. Though free, these fonts will not appear in the default tool. To use the user need to make settings, add fonts to Google Docs.

How to add fonts to Google Docs

Step 1: You open Google Docs in any browser.
Step 2: In the Google Docs work screen, click the font management tool on the toolbar, select More fonts .

how to add font to google docs 2

Step 3: The Fonts window appears. Here you find and click on the font you want to install in the list or use Search above. The selected fonts will appear in the My fonts column on the right, for setting you press OK, got it .

how to add font to google docs 3

In addition, to choose fonts quickly to suit your needs, avoid errors, Google Docs also provides users with 3 more filtering tools.
Scripts: Filter fonts according to supported languages;
Shows: Filter by font format;
Sort: Filter by groups like date added, popular, used by many, …
Here, Taimienphi selects to add a font Pacifico . After successfully adding a font to Google Docs, you can easily use it as any default, pre-installed font.

how to add font to google docs 4
So Taimienphi has quickly guided you through the steps to add fonts to Google Docs, so simple and convenient. Hopefully, with this small tip, you will have more choices and better experience when writing documents on Google Docs.


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