How to block Youtube video ads on Coc Coc

How to block Youtube video ads on Coc Coc

To block ads when watching Youtube videos with CocCoc, there are many extensions or programs that support doing so, but with this article, will introduce you to the Adblock Plus utility very effectively and Used by many users, please follow us.

You are watching using Coc Coc browser to watch youtube videos and feel very annoying, annoying and extremely frustrating when many ads continuously appear in the video. Here will help you tips for blocking youtube ads with the Adblock Plus extension. The same reference you offline. You can use Adblock Plus for other browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox or IE.

How to block ads on Coc Coc

Table of Contents:
1. Block ads on Coc Coc.
2. Block ads on Google Chrome.

How to block ads when watching Youtube videos with Coc Coc

Download the latest version of Coc Coc. Download: Cup Cup

Step 1: Visit the Chrome web store to find an extension Adblock Plus

Then click Add to Chrome to install the Adblock Plus add-on.

Adblock Plus

Step 2: A message confirming the extension will appear, press the button More:

Adblock Plus with high-quality technology

Step 3: After successful installation, there will be a red Adblock Plus icon in the top right corner of the screen (as shown in the picture):

High quality when watching videos youtube bang coc coc

The process of installing Add-ons has been completed, now Adblock Plus will block ads when watching videos on youtube, and if you want to disable blocking, go to Youtube and click the Adblock Plus icon, select Enabled on this page.

Now you can safely access Coc Coc to watch videos on youtube without worrying about harassing ads anymore. In addition, Yotube is supporting automatic video playback, if you do not like it, you can disable auto-play videos on Youtube

Block ads on Google Chrome

On Google Chrome also has the ability to turn off, block ads to annoy ads when you surf the web, watch movies on Google Chrome browser. You follow the instructions in the article block ads on Google Chrome to be able to block ads easily and effectively so that ads on Youtube do not bother you anymore.
So with the above article, we have instructed you how to use Adblock Plus on Coc Coc to remove annoying ads when watching youtube videos, hoping to make you satisfied. In addition, you can also download Firefox or Google Chrome to your computer to see the difference between browsers


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