How to convert NSF files to PST files for free

How to convert NSF files to PST files for free

NFS or Notes Storage Facility is a database used by IBM Lotus Notes and Domino servers. NSF files store information such as email, contacts, user data and more. If you’re transitioning to Outlook, you’ll want to carry all this information with you and read all previous emails. The problem is that converting NSF files to PST is a bit difficult. You can do this, but you may have a problem. In this article, will guide you how to convert NSF files to free PST files in the most detailed way.

How to convert a NSF file to a free PST file:

While there are various reasons for Notes users to switch to Outlook, NFS files cannot be accessed directly in Outlook because they use different file formats to store mailbox data. Lotus Notes uses the NFS file format while Outlook uses the PST file format.

How to convert nsf files to pst files for free 2

There are 2 ways to convert an NSF file to a PST file. You should try both ways and then choose the method that suits you best.

– Using the CSV method or Tab Seperated Values.

– Use the free NSF to PST file converter.

Make sure you have created a sub-profile in Outlook to verify if everything works as expected and then move to the actual profile.

1. Use the CSV method or the Seperated Values ​​Tab method

This process is made easy. You need to export email files from Lotus Notes and then import the exported email files into Outlook.

1.1 – Export from Lotus Notes

– Open Lotus Notes and click on the tab Mail.

– Go File> Export.

– Here, you will have 2 options, that is Tabular Text and Structured Text. Because both CSV and Outlook support these two documents, you can choose any option.

– Click on it tiếp tục, name and save it at a location you can remember.

1.2 – Import a CSV file in Outlook

How to convert nsf files to pst files for free 3

– Open Microsoft Outlook.

– Click here File> Open & Export> Import / Export.

– Here, you choose Import from another program or file and click on next.

– Then choose Comma Separated Values> Next.

– Now you can choose to browse and select files, then decide whether you want to make copies or skip them.

– Next, choose a folder Outlook – where you choose to save the exported data and click next.

Note: You will have to match Lotus fields with the Outlook fields for data to be imported into the current Outlook profile. This is the tricky part, so arrange everything correctly and that’s why you should try it in a secondary profile first.

2. Free NSF to PST file converter

How to convert nsf files to free pst files 4

Github Tool NSF2X is a free NSF to PST file converter, can export EML, MBOX and PST formats. Here is a list of supported features:

– Export mail from NSF file format of Lotus Notes to MIME format. It will keep the layout and attachments intact.

– Can read encrypted email in NSF file by removing Lotus encryption and re-encrypting with Exchange Certificate in RC2, 3DES, AES128 or AES256 formats.

– Supports both Full and Click To Run (Office 365) versions of Outlook (Office 365 beta support).

– Supports both 32 and 64 bit settings of Lotus Notes and Outlook.

– Support for Unicode file names (that is, it has diacritics in NSF and PST file names).

The only drawback is that you can only use all these features on computers with Lotus Notes.

Github Tool NSF2X User guide:

Download the NSF2X tool Here And perform the following steps:

– Open Lotus Notes and then copy the NSF file to a temporary location. You should open both Outlook.

– Open the file nsf2x.exe and enter the Lotus Notes password.

– Press the button Open Session to open the connection with Notes.

– Select the output type is PST.

– Modify the conversion options as desired, enter the source path of the NSF file and enter the destination path to the location where the file was converted.
– Click the button Convert to start the conversion process.


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