How to create a referral link on Lotus

How to create a referral link on Lotus

With instructions on how to create a Lotus referral link in the following content, users will easily increase interactivity and the number of followers of Lotus content social networking accounts, and have the opportunity to receive a interesting gifts about yourself from the publisher Vccorp.

From September 16 , Lotus social network officially entered the stage Open Beta ,allows users to download and create Lotus accounts to use on the phone version. At the moment, the majority of users are still in the process of exploring, discovering new features or seeking to increase interaction on this social network.

How to create a self-referral link on Lotus

To help your account attract and attract many people, today Taimienphi will guide you how to Create referral link on Lotus .

Instructions on how to create an introduction link on Lotus

Step 1: First, open the Lotus app on your Android phone or iPhone and log in to your account as usual;

Step 2: Right at the application’s News Feed screen, you will immediately see a utility window Create your referral link , please click Join ;

how to create a link on lotus 2

Step 3: A new window opens, displaying your own account information and referral link. Please press Copy the link and send it to others for instant follow-up and interaction. What is even more remarkable is that when your account reaches 100 followers, Lotus will send a small gift of 200 Token very attractive.

how to create a link on lotus 3

Lotus supports Android and iPhone devices, choosing to download Lotus to your device with the following options:

– For Android devices: Download Lotus for Android
– Mark for iOS device: Download Lotus for iPhone
Thus, with only 3 simple steps that Taimienphi has just guided you can self Create referral link on Lotus and sharing with those around you, getting an attractive gift, is it simple?


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