How to create Mindmap mind maps online

How to create Mindmap mind maps online

How to create Mindmap mind maps online on the computer is currently a topic of interest to many users, instead of installing software that takes up the machine space, Mindmeister provides a service to help users. Create mindmap diagrams easily.

Mindmap mind map is an effective method, trained by many users or even businesses for employees to help optimize the ability to record, present, … an easier information.

Create mindmap diagrams online

Instead of drawing on paper, or installing software on a device, today Taimienphi will teach you how to create mindmap diagrams online. This is a lightweight, highly effective solution used by many people.

How to create mindmap mind maps online

Step 1: Visit the website of the service provider Here
Step 2: On the Home screen, you have 3 options to create a Mindmeister account:
Sign Up with Google : Sign up with your Gmail account.
Sign Up with Facebook : Create an account via personal Facebook page.
or Sign Up with your email adress : Use an email account to create an account.
In this example, Taimienphi chooses Register with a Gmail account.

how to create mindmap ideas online 2

Step 3: Left mouse click Gmail account that you want to use to sign up.

how to create mindmap ideas online 3

Step 4: Tick ​​the items to agree with the agreement of the publisher. Then you press tiếp tục .

how to create mindmap ideas online 4

Step 5: In the next screen, you choose the purpose of use.
Team of Startup: Groups or businesses that start up with 1 to 10 users.
Small Business: Small business with over 10 members.
Large Company: Large company with over 100 users.
Personal and Home : Personal users or friends, family.

how to create mindmap ideas online 5

After creating and setting up an account, Mindmeister automatically redirects the user to the user manual screen as shown below.

how to create mindmap ideas online 6
Manipulating online mindmap diagrams with Mindmeister is also relatively simple. Just pay attention to learn, any user can quickly master with just a few minutes to get acquainted. You can then quickly create and use mindmap diagrams that apply to your work for greater efficiency. If you want to draw a diagram right on your computer, refer to the tutorial article Draw a mind map using iMindMap software on the computer here.


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