How to delete a background in Photoshop

How to delete a background in Photoshop

Removing the background in Photoshop, also known as removing the background for photos, removing the background is a simple trick of Photoshop introductory, but depending on the difficulty, how to delete the background in Photoshop quickly or slowly and the following instructions will follow. Show you one more way to delete a background in Photoshop.

Indeed Background deletion in Photoshop is the question of all new Photoshop learners, this is also a skill attracted by a lot of people curious about this graphics software only after blending the color. There are many ways to separate the background in photos in Photoshop, but there is no fixed method because each difficulty level is different and requires the technique of separating the background in photos in Photoshop must be different. The most important thing when deleting a background in Photoshop is to be meticulous and patient in order to produce the best quality image.

Instructions to delete the background in Photoshop

Tools to prepare:

– The most standard Photoshop software here, download Photoshop.

-> Refer to the instructions install Photoshop Here if you have never installed this software before.

In this article, let’s delete the background with the girl image below, of course, to delete the background in Photoshop chungs we need a lot of time, but in this article, we aim to new objects to use for more information. Get a new tool. Therefore, please follow the instructions below and it is up to your aesthetic eyes to produce the final result.

How to delete images in photoshop 2

Step 1: First we will use Quick Selection Tool (Hotkey W) to delete the background in Photoshop.

Photoshop tutorial in Photoshop 3

Step 2: Click on it Quick Selection Tool + choose Size about 25 – 30 Depending on the image, here is the width to localize the subject.

Photoshop tutorial in Photoshop 4

Step 3: You drag around the subject to delete the background in Photoshop, the image will be as below. Of course, pulling with this will leave a lot of details, which is why we need to edit more after using. Quick Selection Tool to erase the background in Photoshop.

Photoshop tutorial in Photoshop 5

Step 4: After finishing the zoning above still in the Quick Selection Tool you click Select and Mask.

How to delete images in photoshop 6

Step 5: Here you will see there is a bunch of tools on the right and will help you annotate these.

Transparencry: Display the original wallpaper (not zoned). This is just to give you a better idea of ​​which areas are delineated.
Radius: Increases the level of the region’s cavity back into the center of the image, the bigger it becomes, the smaller the localized area.
Smooth: The smoothness of the image in the area to delete the background in Photoshop.
Feather: The blur of the image in the area to be deleted.
Contrast: Increase the contrast, increase the details for the picture.
Shift Edge: Reduce the border of the delineation to the shape, the same as for Feather.

Photoshop tutorial in photoshop 7

And after setting up as you like we get a more complete picture. In the interface of Select and Mask is quite intuitive and direct so the image should be easier to edit.

Photoshop tutorial in Photoshop 8

Step 6: Now return to the Quick Selection Tool, combining Quick Selection Tool + and Quick Selection Tool- To add areas or delete areas, note this time to Size baby whiff.

Photoshop tutorial in photoshop 9

Step 7: After a while using the Quick Selection Tool + and – we will get the shape with a fairly standard outline. Of course, the image with complex hair as above will be very difficult to remove the background in Photoshop. However, for newcomers, we do not need to do so much detail.

Photoshop tutorial in photoshop 10

Step 8: Right at the Layer of the image, click now Ctrl + J To proceed to delete the background in Photoshop as the title of the article, you will be as shown below.

Photoshop tutorial in photoshop 11

The job is completed now you just need merge into any background, add a bit of effect as well as adjust the color so we have finished erasing the background in Photoshop already.

Photoshop tutorial in photoshop 12

Above has completely deleted the background in Photoshop, Quick Selection Tool is an easy-to-use tool and can be applied to many different types of photos. However, in highly complex images, the Quick Selection Tool may not help you much, in the next article will help you with a tool that is much faster and better than the Quick Selection Tool. Of course still requires you to have certain skills.

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