How to draw shapes in Excel

How to draw shapes in Excel

In Excel, besides being a spreadsheet, it also provides us with a drawing tool to help your operations more convenient and easier. Besides, Excel also supports you with many types of drawings that you have to spend time to use other software. So how to draw shapes in Excel like? You refer to the article below.

Drawing or paradigm is the fairly basic function in Microsoft Office software like Word , Excel good PowerPoint. Although these functions are basically not easy to grasp for those who are not familiar with this office software. Conversely, if you are proficient in how to draw models in Excel, we will have a good way to express ideas in diagrams more visually and vividly than text. Here is the direction you can help Draw shapes in Excel and then tinkering to dig deeper if desired.

How to draw shapes in Excel 2010, 2003, 2007, 2016, 2013

Step 1: You go to the tab Insert, Click on the section Shapes and choose a cube style.

Step 2: Click and drag to create an image, then drag and resize it.

Excel cachet 2

Step 3: To write text on cubes, click on the cube and press the icon Text box. Highlight the text we have written, we will see the font panel appear. If not we can also adjust the font in the tab Home.

Excel cachet 3

Step 4: You can choose the colors for the shapes by selecting the main color, choosing the border color or choosing the available color design.

Excel cachet 4

Step 5: After completing a shape, you can continue adding other shapes to the diagram. You can also copy a shape of a cube into many different copies by holding Ctrl and drag the mouse.

Excel cachet 5

Finally, complete the drawing according to your ideas.

Excel cachet 6

If you want to draw equilateral triangles in Excel, you refer to: how Draw equilateral triangles in Excel here
Above is a guide on how to draw shapes in Excel, readers can refer to to perform when there is a need to use. With Word, we have a similar way. However, if you are using it for the first time, you should refer to the instructions for drawing pictures in Word to avoid errors. Good luck.


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