How to Fake Hungarian IP

How to Fake Hungarian IP

Using HOLA to Fake Hungarian IP on the web browser makes it easy for users to change your internet access address to Hungary, so you can easily use services exclusively for users in this country or suffer from prevent connection with other countries like Vietnam.

Tips Fake Hungarian IP with HOLA Used by many users as a temporary solution to change the address of the connection. Thereby, users can bypass the law and use online services in Hungary with stable and free connection quality. Knowing how to fake IP Hungary with HOLA, you will be able to Fake IP USA, UK or any other supported countries.

How to install Fake IP Hungary using HOLA

In the content of this article, Taimienphi will dive into the tutorial for users on how to Fake Hungary with the HOLA utility on Chrome browser. For HOLA versions on other browsers, you do the same.

Steps to Fake Hungarian IP on computer

First thing, to fake Fake IP Hungary or to any other country, you need to download and install HOLA. Interested users can open Chrome or Firefox and click on the corresponding link below to quickly download this utility to their computer.

– Download the HOLA extension for Chrome here: Download HOLA for Chrome
– Download the HOLA add-on for Firefox here: Download HOLA for Firefox

Step 1: After downloading the HOLA utility, click the button Add to Chrome (Add to Chrome). A dialog box opens, you press Add gadgets to proceed to install HOLA on the browser.

how to fake ip hungary 2

After completing the installation, you will see HOLA logo appear right on the browser toolbar.
Step 2: To Fake Hungary IP, you need to left click HOLA icon . In the working window of the utility, you continue to click on the item More … has many flags icons.

how to fake ip hungary 3
Step 3: A menu appears, where you drag the scroll bar and find Hungarian flag symbol and left click to choose.

how to fake ip hungary 4

You wait for a while until the Hola icon in the browser bar changes to the Hungarian flag icon is successful.

how to fake ip hungary 5
Note: Hola utility only Fake IP Hungary with only the website open and automatically applied when you visit again later.
With only 3 simple steps, Taimienphi has completed the necessary operations to help you Fake IP Hungary with HOLA. By small tips with HOLA, from now on you can completely rest assured to change the Internet connection to Hungary whenever you want with stable and free connection quality. In addition, you refer more ways of Fake IP Taiwan here.


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