How to forget your VCNET password?

How to forget your VCNET password?

When you accidentally forget the VCNET password, users will not be able to access, view news or perform any other actions on this social network, but with only 4 simple steps, Taimienphi will help you log in. and continue using VCNET as usual.

VCNET is an official information website, providing accurate information and propagating the latest policies of the Party and the State. Since its inception, VCNET has always developed in the right direction and initially attracted a large number of users.

Instructions to recover your account when you forgot your VCNET password

– Download VCNET for Android
– Download VCNET for iPhone

In the process of use, for many reasons that users forgot VCNET password When creating, it is impossible to log in and track information. Therefore, Taimienphi has decided to implement the article to share tips to help you recover your VCNET password quickly and accurately.

How to get back your account when you forgot the VCNET password

Step 1: First, you access the login screen of social network VCNET Here
Step 2: In the login window, click Forgot password?

how to get used to your vcnet password 2

Step 3: At the dialog box Forgot password? appear, you enter phone number or account name mine. Continue to fill Security code provided by the system, then press Next .

how to become familiar with vcnet password 3

Step 4: One Security code enclosed A new password will be sent to your phone number via text message. You Enter the security code in the information box and click Completed .

how to become familiar with vcnet password 4

A message to confirm successful password change will appear as shown below. Now you return to the login screen and use A new password was sent by system in step 4 to access the account as usual.

how familiar are you with vcnet password 5

With only 4 simple steps, Taimienphi helped you create a new login password, to access when you accidentally forgot VCNET password. However, the new password created by the system by default for users is quite difficult to remember so users should change another password, easier to remember for long-term use. If you do not have an account, please refer to the way create a VCNET account here
Good luck!


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