How to install XAMPP on Linux Mint

How to install XAMPP on Linux Mint

Apache Friends developed the XAMPP web server program as the abbreviation of multi-platform, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl. By using this software, you can test your web applications on the local system. Most XAMPP is commonly used on Windows computers, but there are also some packages for Linux Mint and in this article, will show you how to install XAMPP on Linux Mint.

Instructions for installing XAMPP on Linux Mint

XAMPP provides a complete package including PHP, MySQL and Apache as a framework program for developing web-based applications. Here are the steps to install XAMPP for Linux Mint:

Step 1: Download XAMPP for Linux.

installing linux on mint 2

Step 2: Make sure you have extracted the newly downloaded package as an administrator (Right-click on the package and select Open as administrator) and extract it in the directory / opt.

Step 3: Start installing XAMPP by typing sudo / opt / lampp / lampp start.

installing linux on mint 3

Step 4: Verify if you can already display the test website by visiting http: // localhost.

installing linux on mint 4

This means that the installed XAMPP is working.

Step 5: You have installed your own web server with great tools like PHP and MySQL.

Now comes the important part. You need to secure installation just made by setting access password for Apache, MySQL and other components. To do this, XAMPP provides a useful tool for checking security settings and prompting for password settings.

You run this tool by typing sudo / opt / lampp / lampp security. It will ask for a password if the password has not been set or request to change the password if the password has been set.

installing linux on mint 5

You can verify if the installation is safe or not by clicking on the link Security in the page localhost, all entries have a green status that is secure.

installing linux on mint 6
Thus, the installation of XAMPP on Linux Mint has officially completed. Now, you can use XAMPP to research, develop and test web applications through your computer’s Localhost. In addition, you refer more How to run PHP files on XAMPP here.


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