How to make Wifi broadcast further, increase signal and Internet speed

How to make Wifi broadcast further, increase signal and Internet speed

Users feel uncomfortable when the internet access is interrupted due to weak Wifi signal, which affects work, study and entertainment. Please refer to the article below to know how to make Wi-Fi broadcast farther, increase signal and internet speed in your home in a simple way.

Your home internet network is slow and flickering due to weak Wifi signal, affecting work, study and entertainment of many people. Although in the case of users may be due to old equipment, signal sharing for many users or the location of the transmitter unscientific .. that can directly affect the download process as well as waves and internet speed . Therefore, today we will show you how to make WiFi broadcast further, increase signal and speed up the Internet in the following article. Readers, please follow and share if you find the article useful.

The cause of poor Wifi signal

There are many reasons for poor and slow Wifi signal such as:

– Using the package with low bandwidth, while having too many devices in use with Wifi connection, the bandwidth will be narrowed even more.

– Error due to the inappropriate location of the Modem router, in places far from the equipment to be used or placed in the corner of the wall, places with many obstacles.

– Around the house there are many different Wifi networks that will encounter interference.

How to make Wifi broadcast further, increase signal and Internet speed

1. Restart the Wifi Router

This is the simplest way but also extremely effective because after a long time of continuous use 24/24 with great intensity, the Router will be hot and affect the quality of the electromagnetic waves emitted. Unstable network, flickering. At that time, please power off the device for 30 seconds to 3 minutes, then reboot.

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2. Move the Wifi Router and set the antenna

Put your home WiFi router in the most airy and central place possible. From there the Wifi signal can be transmitted easily throughout your house or apartment. And don’t forget to point straight up into the sky for the antennas of the router, because that’s the position that helps it cover the strongest WiFi signal.

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3. Change Wifi signal channel

Wifi network became popular and available in most residential areas, but the phenomenon of overlapping Wifi waves is not uncommon. And if you feel that this is affecting your home network, try changing the channel for your home’s Wifi.

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This can be done easily by logging in to the Router from the web browser using the account provided by the network operator. Depending on the type of Router that you will have different configuration, you can refer to the accompanying document or search on the network by name and Model Router.

4. Use the actuators

Wifi Repeater, also known as Repeater Wifi, is a solution for Wifi to propagate further, increase signal and speed up your internet with compact design, no need to run wires. The repeater will pick up the Wifi signal of the main router and transmit it back to high intensity to expand the range of the signal’s effect. Repeater is especially effective for tall buildings and many devices used at the same time.
So these are the ways to make Wifi go further, increase the wifi signal and accelerate the best internet that Taimienphi wants to share with readers. In addition to these ways, earlier we have introduced you to a few other methods with 9 ways to activate the Wifi signal, the interested readers can refer to the article on how to increase Wifi signal to Complement me a few more ways to make Wifi broadcast further offline.


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