How to merge mail in Word 2016

How to merge mail in Word 2016

You need to print or send a series of fixed documents (invitations, notices, thank you letters, etc.) in Word 2016 for many people and do not know how to handle and implement it, please refer to the instructions immediately. Mail merge in Word is written in the following trick article.

Mail merge, text merge (Mail Merge) is a very useful feature that Microsoft also provides users. You will save a lot of time when applying the mail merge feature in the right time, right place, right place. When you need to send a fixed text form to many people, instead of writing and entering content for each page sent to one person, you only need to compose a fixed form along with the recipient list and use the feature. Mail Merge on Word is will succeed.

Instructions for mixing mail in Word invites you to refer to the instructions below to know how to use this good feature in Word.

How to merge mail in Word 2016

* Steps to prepare:

– Pre-installed computer program Word 2016.

– You need to have a meeting invitation document template and create an Excel file as a meeting invitation.

Step 1: Open the original document, Word file, click the tab Mailings ->Start Mail Merge -> select Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard to open the execution steps Mail Merge.

how to collect words in 2016 2

Step 2: Select the type to mix Word documents, the example here is to write INVITATION paper so you choose Letters -> Next, you choose Next: Starting document.

how to collect words in 2016 3

Step 3: Here you select the starting text for mail merge. Since you opened the Word document in the beginning, you should choose Use the current document (use current document) -> next select Next: Select recipients.

how to collect words in 2016 4

Step 4: At this step, you need to add a list of student’s name, parent’s name, class … so Word automatically adds the information to INVITATION paper. If not, then you choose Type a new list to create new.

how to collect words in 2016 5

If you already have a list of information in your Excel file, choose Use an existing list (use the list available) -> next select Browse to open to the existing file (here is Excel file) or you choose Select a different list file If you have already chosen one.

how to collect words in 2016 6

In the window Select Data Source -> select to file list -> then press Open.

how to collect words in 2016 7

Choose sheet Contains address list -> click OK, got it.

how to collect words in 2016 8

In the dialog box Mail Merge Recipients, by default all recipients are selected, if you want to not send to anyone then you uncheck the name of that person, after you’ve selected you press OK, got it.

how to collect words in 2016 9

You press Next: Write your letter to move to the next step.

how to collect words in 2016 10

Step 5: Here you do the following: place the cursor in the field you want to insert information -> next select Mailings ->Insert Merge Field -> select the appropriate information field.

For example, at the Inviting line (Mr./Ms), you select the school Name of the parent, the line Parents of students you choose the school Name of the student, at the Grade line you select the Grade school.

how to collect words in 2016 11

Or you can also directly select the field at the window Mail Merge on the right -> after you’ve finished adding, select Next: Preview your letters to move to the message preview step.

how to collect words in 2016 12

Step 6: To the information appears in the right position of the message -> click on the icon next and previous As shown below to see each letter (each letter is a person’s name, a corresponding address). After checking and editing the correct content you choose Next: Complete the merge.

how to collect words in 2016 13

If you want to print a letter, you choose Print and print settings, otherwise you close the window Mail Merge.

how to collect in word 2016 14

So are you already Mail merge in Word 2016 success. From now on if you need to write invitations, announcements, thank you letters … but need to send it to many people, you just need to do the mail merge as we just guided above to be successful. Doing this helps you shorten the time compared to having to write each letter to one recipient mechanically and manually.

In addition, in the process of using Word, you will inevitably suffer from minor errors and need to find ways to fix it, such as word errors in Word. To fix this error you just need to follow the instructions Correct typos in Word which has guided and shared will be handled. Good luck!
Another trick that is often used by users when writing documents is Repeat the subject line of tables on pages in Word, which saves time rather than having to copy the headlines one by one. If you do not know, please refer to Taimienphi.


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