How to post articles on Lotus

How to post articles on Lotus

Users can post articles on Lotus in many different formats. many interactions from other users, thereby increasing the number of tokens for themselves.

Lotus social network focus on the content with a unique Token system and can be used to redeem or increase interactivity, give to others … Of course, to have quality content, Lotus also provides provide users with post support features, smart and convenient content production.

How to post articles on Lotus

In this article, Taimienphi will share on how Posting on Lotus and related features to help you be able to exploit this social network more effectively, earning more Tokens.

Instructions on how to post articles on Lotus

To start the production of content, token Token on Lotus social network, you first need to own an account. If not registered, you can refer to the article on how to create a Lotus account that Taimienphi has implemented. And if you already have a Lotus account, please read on to find out how Posting on Lotus .

Step 1: Open the Lotus app on an Android phone or iPhone;

Step 2: In the screen News Feed of the application, click pcs icon pen in the right corner of the screen;

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Step 3: The system will take you to the screen Create Post , here you will see Lotus supporting users to produce content with a variety of different features.

– Photo / Video: Post the content as images or videos in the article;

– Take Photos: Posting images as images and supporting writing content on them;

– Write note: Blog content posting, support for attaching images, links, citations, presentation formats, etc.

– Tag members: Tag friends or acquaintances in the posted content;

– GIF images: Allow users to post animations from existing repositories;

Share the link : Allow users to post articles as lines Referral link mine. To learn more about this feature, you can refer to the article How to create a referral link on Lotus .

– Post to the directory: Post an article to a specific directory;

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Step 4: You can use the above features to create compelling content or mere input. Once completed, press the button Share ;

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The article will be immediately updated on your personal page so that your friends, or other Lotus users can see and interact as shown below.

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Lotus has supported Android and iPhone devices, choosing to download your device according to the options:

– For Android devices: Download Lotus for Android
– For iOS devices: Download Lotus for iPhone
It was just 4 steps ago Posting on Lotus Hopefully, with the specific description of Taimienphi will help you soon get acquainted and use Lotus proficiency, create quality content and gain many Token. Good luck!


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