How to protect your computer before it is lost

How to protect your computer before it is lost

Equipping tools to protect your computer before being stolen helps you to be assured to keep your personal data always safe, prevent early theft, robbery from bad guys or even better. Another is to help you find your property quickly and effectively.

Of course, losing a computer is always something nobody wants. Not only does it cause economic loss, but when your laptop is stolen, it means that you lose tools to work or reveal important personal information and data.

How to protect your computer before it is stolen

To partially prevent the risks of theft, right now you should be equipped with measures computer protection with the tools that Taimienphi introduces right in the content below.

Protect your computer before it is stolen with software

1. Find My Device

Strictly speaking Find My Device is not a software, it is a computer protection featureFree is integrated with Microsoft on Windows 10. You can easily activate the function in the section Update & Security in the section Windows Setting .

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When turned on Find My Device , you can detect and pinpoint the exact current or final location of your computer with the map navigation system. However, the feature also has the drawback is that it only works when the computer is connected to the Internet. In the absence of a connection, you will only know the last location when the computer accesses the network.

2. Find My Mac

Similar to Find My Device for Windows-based computers, Find My Mac Also feature computer protection run MacOS. To activate this function on a Mac computer, you need to use an iCloud account.

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Immediately after starting the feature Find My Mac , users can go to the iCloud website and see the exact location of the device on a map and search easier. Not only that, this feature also allows users to control computers remotely, such as activating alarm sounds, creating notifications, locking the device or wiping data in memory.

3. LockItTight

Besides the features available on the device, users can refer to tools programmed by 3rd parties such asLockItTight. This software is equipped with many smart features, maximum support for users to protect and search computers when stolen.

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LockItTight has all the necessary functions to help you find a stolen laptop quickly, such as locating via the Internet, storing information, and password protection. More specifically, the software also provides fraudulent information for users by turning on the webcam and capturing the thief’s face remotely without anyone knowing.

– Download LockItTight software here: Download LockItTight

4. LAlarm

Only a small capacity of less than 1MB, but LAlarm is still a computer protection software that is highly appreciated by users for possessing many powerful features. With LAlarm your laptop will always be safe before and after being stolen.

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Not equipped with positioning tools, LAlarmHelp users prevent early thieves intent on theft by sound system warning when someone touch the laptop or alert when you move to less safe areas. In case the computer is taken too long, LAlarm will help you automatically delete the data in the device and restore when found.

– Download the LAlarm software here: Download LAlarm

5. Prey

No exaggeration to say Prey is one of those tools computer protection before being effectively stolen today. This software works on multiple platforms, you can install Prey on computers using Mac OS, Windows, Linux or Ubuntu.

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When the computer is stolen, Prey will constantly update the location, take a picture with the device’s webcam and send continuous notifications about the account. So you can provide this information to the police, helping you find it more quickly. At the same time, Prey also has the function of locking the device, accessing accounts, erasing data to help you protect information on the device.

– Download Prey software here: Download Prey
Taimienphi has quickly introduced 5 features and software computer protection Smart helps you keep your device safe, as well as increase your chances of being recovered. Of course, these are only supportive solutions, users should still pay attention to raising awareness when using the device in public places or going into areas with poor security. In addition, you guys refer to the way Protect your computer from Keylogger here.


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