How to schedule emails in Gmail, schedule send mail

How to schedule emails in Gmail, schedule send mail

You still do not know how to schedule sending emails in Gmail, schedule sending emails automatically and still have to time, count the time to send manually and unprofessional … Take a look at how Taimienphi works. vn in the article below and apply for immediate use!

With Gmail is almost no stranger to the vast majority of Internet users today, and to Sign in to Gmail, using this application, users can use the Gmail App on Smartphone and can also use web browser applications such as Chrome, Coc Coc or any other web browser to access. One good thing about Chrome and Coc Coc is that you can add features email timer in Gmail when due.

Users can schedule sending emails in Gmail on Chrome or Coc Coc applications

The additional feature mentioned here is Right Inbox of gmail on Google Chrome and Coc Coc. When this feature is added by users on the browser, scheduling of sending emails on Gmail becomes easier and more convenient than ever.

How to schedule emails in Gmail, schedule send mail

To set an email delivery timer in Gmail, your computer should install the latest version of Google Chrome and Coc Coc.

– Download Google Chrome The latest here.
– Download Cup Cup The latest here.

Step 1: First you have to download Right Inbox for Firefox or Chrome here to preinstall. You perform the normal installation like other normal applications.

send emails in gmail len lich send mail 2

There is another way you can immediately install this Plugin, you do the following:

– Use Chrome or Coc Coc to access the page HERE

– Next, at this website interface -> you click Add to Gmail

send emails in gmail len lich send mail 3

– There will be the interface of the next tab appear -> you click Add to Chrome

send emails in gmail len lich send mail 4

– An Add message “Right Inbox for Gmail? ” appears -> you click on Add extension is to complete the installation Right Inbox this.

send emails in gmail len lich send mail 5

Step 2: After successful installation, open Gmail page or click F5 to reload the Gmail page.

If there is a bulletin board of Right Inbox appears asking access to your Google account -> then you click Allow.

send emails in gmail len lich send mail 6

Step 3: After successful gmail login, you compose an email to send. Then, the button will appear on the mailing interface window Send Later allows you to set and schedule an email at will.

send emails in gmail len lich send mail 7

The picture above is that you can automatically schedule an email to be sent after 1 hour, 2 hours or 4 hours later. If you want to send the email at a different time with more specific information, click on the “At a specific time“, then enter the correct date and time and time to send -> then press Schedule to make an appointment.

send email in gmail len lich send mail 8

Step 4: After entering, your email will be in the folder Draft, when it is time for your appointment, this email will be automatically sent without further action from you.
Only the fairly basic instructions above have helped you quickly email timer in Gmail, schedule a fully automated send mail instead of having to spend time manually sending them. It’s simple, right! Besides, you can refer to the article retrieve emails sent in gmail here.


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