How to separate lyrics with Audacity

How to separate lyrics with Audacity

With the method of separating lyrics with Audacity, with only relatively simple and quick manipulations, you will easily remove the lyrics of the singer, retain the music of your favorite song to create. Beat correctly and have the best sound quality.

Audacity Audio Recorder is a great tool for recording, processing and editing audio files. Although only small in size, the software also comes with a powerful feature that allows separating lyrics from songs to create beats.

How to separate lyrics with Audacity

So specific how to do? In this article Taimienphi will guide the basic steps to separating the lyrics with Audacity .

How to separate lyrics with Audacity

To extract the lyrics using Audacity software that brings the best quality, you need to install the latest updates. Audacity download link will be shared immediately below Taimienphi.

– Download Audacity software for Windows here: Download Audacity
– Download Audacity software for Mac here: Download Audacity for Mac
– Download Audacity software for Linux here: Download Audacity for Linux

Note: In the tutorial, Taimienphi performs operations on Audacity for Windows version; See how to download and Audacity settings on the computer

Step 1: Friend Open Audacity on the device in the usual way;

Step 2: In the main working interface of the software, click File on the toolbar, then continue to click Import then next is Audio in the drop down menu. For faster operations, you can also press a key combination Ctrl + Shift + I ;

how to fix bang bang audacity 2

Step 3: In the new dialog that appears, navigate to the folder containing the music file to separate words. Left click to select the file and then select Open ;

how to fix bang bang audacity 3

Step 4: Next, return to the screen of Audacity, press the key combination Ctrl + A to select the entire audio file. Then click on the feature Effect and scroll down to select Vocal Remover ;

how to fix bang bang audacity 4

Step 5: The program will display customized dialogues as shown below. You can set the parameters to separate words from the song more effectively or choose by default is also relatively effective, continue to press. OK, got it . The program automatically separates the lyrics from the original music file in minutes;

how to fix bang bang audacity 5

Step 6: You continue to click File on the toolbar, select Export , then Export Audio to export the file;

how to fix bang bang audacity 6

Step 7: In the new window, you can select features to perform customizations;

– Save in : Select a folder location to save the file;

– File name: Change the file name;

– Save as type: Choose to save files as mp3, wma, …

– Format Options: Set sound quality parameters;

how to fix bang bang audacity 7
Thus, Taimienphi has detailed instructions for separating the lyrics with Audacity, of course, the quality of Audacity’s lyrics is not really perfect, but if you do not have too high demand, it is completely complete.


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