How to translate directly on Chrome

How to translate directly on Chrome

You probably already know that Google’s most powerful online text translator is, which is the best site for basic users with all the necessary features, however. , during the use process, you feel annoyed when having to copy the text to translate between two pages, below, Taimienphi will share a utility that you can translate directly on Chrome, a good web browser. most today.

Google Chrome is a free web browser, developed by Google. Besides the main function of accessing and browsing the Web, there is a good feature worth mentioning, that is translate directly on Chrome – i.e. use a Chrome extension to translate text documents.

To translate documents or text, users can always do it on Chrome

Instructions for translating directly on Chrome

– Download Google Chrome for computers and laptops here.
– Download Google Chrome for Android here.
– Download Google Chrome for iPhone here.

To install the Google Translate extension, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Paste the following link in the address bar for quick access to the application’s page Chrome

chrome: // apps

Or you can click on the icon Application in the left corner of the browser screen

how to work directly on chrome 2

Next, click on the icon Online store (Web store)

direct access on chrome 3

Step 2: At this window, enter “Google translator” into the box Search.

On the right side of the screen will appear related utilities and applications. You choose to add Google Translate -> click select Add to Chrome (Add to Chrome)

Direct access on chrome 4

When the confirmation dialog box appears, click Add gadgets to start downloading and installing the utility Google Chrome.

direct access on chrome 5

You wait a moment, when the icon appears on the browser Google Translate In the right corner of the screen -> so your installation has completed.

Direct access on chrome 6

You can start using this Google Translate utility to translate documents already. When accessing the pages with content displayed in English, you just need to click on the word or paragraph to translate into Vietnamese, that sentence will be automatically translated, the response time is almost immediately. instantly.

Direct access on chrome 7

Thus, Taimienphi has guided you to know how to translate directly on Google Chrome. Very simple, right? In addition to using the Google Translate utility, you can also use 1TuDien written and written by Vietnamese people themselves.
With 1TuDien – the translation utility directly on the Google Chrome browser allows you to look up vocabulary very quickly, you just need to double click on the keyword you want to look up, immediately the utility will display a small key pop-up. It is the result of a search that contains information about vocabulary types, meanings … in the most complete way.


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