How to use Aegisub

How to use Aegisub

Want to create your own subtitles for your favorite movies? Want to create Karaoke clips as you like? Try using Aegisub stars, please follow the article below to better understand how to use Aegisub.

Software Aegisub Subtitles for movies or videos are currently the most widely used software. This is a very convenient and powerful software, but the way to use Aegisub is also very easy. Aegisub gives you a full range of tools to create unique subtitles as you like. However use Aegisub It will take a lot of time if you want to create separate, unique and interesting effects for your subtitle lines.

The main feature of Aegisub is to create subtitles for videos, clips so this article we will learn about how to create, add subtitles, edit text, … for videos.

How to use Aegisub

Refer How to install Aegisub Here if you have not installed this software successfully.

Step 1: You start up the Aegisub software after installing the Aegisub successfully. On the toolbar, select Video =>Open Video to open the Video you want to create subtitles

How to use aegisub on your computer

If the Audio file of the video is a separate file, then you will need to add Audio by selecting Audio =>Open Audio File

Step 2: Interface after opening the Video

Area 1: As the main menu bar supports subtitle editing, adding effects, zooming in / out the video, …
Area 2: A toolbar that supports the location of subtitles in the video
Area 3: Where to play the video
Area 4: Where to play the audio section of the video
Area 5: Where to add subtitle text, edit subtitle font, and timing the appearance of subtitles
Area 6: Where to display all the subtitles that have been added.

how to create aegisub video

Step 3: To add new subtitles for the video, you start typing text in area 5, you will see this text appear in areas 3 and 6.

how to make aegisub karaoke videos

Step 4: You can customize the text as you like (bold, italic, font, color, Karaoke-style, …) in the text area

I created movies with aegisub

Step 5: Adjust the amount of time subtitles on video appear:

You can see at the top of the caption area, respectively Start Time (start time), End Time (end time), Line Duration (Period). You enter the time directly in these boxes to determine the time when subtitles appear on the video

Use aegisub to create clips

Step 6: Adjust the time of subtitles on video by Audio file

You can adjust the time when subtitles appear in Audio files by selecting the item Frame on the area to add subtitles. You guys proceed Choose a starting point on the Custom and Audio area drag to the end point That subtitle is fine.

meow using aegisub

Step 7: Customize the location where subtitles appear on videos

first: How to adjust basic, hover the mouse on any position on the video and double click to put the subtitles
– 2: Drag and drop subtitles to where you want to place them
– 3: Scroll subtitles in Z axis
– 4: Scroll subtitles in X, Y axes
– 5: Scale subtitles by X, Y axis
– 6: Crop subtitles in a rectangle
– 7: Crop subtitles in a separate area

Use aegisub to make karaoke videos

Step 8: After you have set the subtitle customizations, click on the icon Save or use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + S or F2 to save the subtitle file for me.

guide to creating movies with aegisub
Above is a guide on how to use Aegisub to create subtitles for videos and clips. Hopefully, through the article, you will know how to create movie subtitles, videos, clips, moreover, karaoke videos with your own Aegisub. Good luck.


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