How to use Boilsoft Video Joiner

How to use Boilsoft Video Joiner

Boilsoft Video Joiner is a great option to join discrete videos into a single large video. Boilsoft Video Joiner has a simple, clear interface that makes using the software extremely easy. Please refer to the following article to better understand how to use Boilsoft Video Joiner.

Boilsoft Video Joiner is a software that allows users to join a single video into a single larger video. Boilsoft Video Joiner supports joining most of the existing video formats, moreover, Boilsoft Video Joiner can also merge videos of the same format into a completely different format. Boilsoft Video Joiner has a very simple interface and easy to use, after installation you only need to perform a few operations to proceed using Boilsoft Video Joiner to pair video.

How to use Boilsoft Video Joiner

Step 1: After has Install Boilsoft Video Joiner, you send the program dynamically. Simple program interface with just a few function buttons

How to use boilsoft video joiner

Step 2: Details of the program’s function buttons

– 1: Add new video files to join
– 2: Delete the selected file has been added
– 3: Delete all the added files
– 4: Conduct file pairing
– 5: Open the software instruction interface
– 6: Information about software
– 7: Function buttons arrange the position of the selected videos
– 8: Management area of ​​video files has been added

meow dung boilsoft video joiner

Step 3: For example:

– To add a new video to connect to the software you click the button Add file, then select the link to the videos to join. Here you can select multiple videos at once, click once after selecting them Open to add.

Use Boilsoft Video Joiner on PC

– Here you can arrange the position before and after the video by clicking the arrange button on the left.

Use boilsoft video joiner on laptop pc

– You can also review the added videos by selecting the video and clicking the button Play

how to video on computer

– If you add a wrong video, you can choose a wrong video and click on Remove file or want to delete all added videos Remove All

How to use Boilsoft Video Joiner

– Then, to join these videos, click Merge, click Ok, got it to continue

How to video collage

Next is to select the settings for the video after connecting, select the video format in the section Output Format, more settings clickable Advance

Update the video using boilsoft video joiner

use boilsoft video joiner hop nhat video

– Finally, choose the location you want to save the video file after joining, after selecting you can change the name of the video, then click on Save to save the file.

meow dung boilsoft video joiner copy video

So you have finished joining the video file using Boilsoft Video Joiner. Hopefully through this article you will have yourself interesting and meaningful videos. Good luck.
If you do not want to join video by software, you can perform online video transplantation only if your computer has internet, there are many online video support services that you can refer to and use today. .


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