How to use, install Format Factory to convert Video

How to use, install Format Factory to convert Video

Installing Format Factory and using assist in converting videos more easily and effectively. Formart Factory is a free video conversion software that is used by many people today.

Format Factory gives users an effective tool for converting video, Audio and even images in a simple and compact way. In order to help you install this software easily, we would like to introduce a simple way to install the software in the shortest time.

How to install Format Factory convert Video

System requirements:
Format Factory can install and operate on most Windows operating systems
Currently, the latest version of Format Factory is 4.9.0, please refer to how Install Format Factory 4.9.0 here.

Table of Contents:
1. How to install Format Factory.
2. How to use Format Factory.

Instructions to install Format Factory on a computer

Step 1: To install Format Factory, you must first download Format Factory from the Internet to your computer. If not you can download the latest version of Format Factory here

– After the file has been completed, it is time for us to start installing the machine software.

– First you have to boot the installation file. After a few seconds, a window will appear and ask the user to carefully read the terms of use of the software. After reviewing the terms you can press the button I Agree.

Install Format Factory wizard

Step 2: Immediately after agreeing with the terms of the manufacturer, the system will automatically switch you to a new window. This window will ask you to choose where to save the software. If you do not want to change the path, then you just press Install

How to install Format Factory

Right away, the file will automatically extract and install the software on your computer in a moment.

  Format Factory

Step 3: When the download process is complete, it is time to the system will notify you. At this point, you just press finish is done.

format factory

Manual Format Factory Video Converter

Step 1: On the Format Factory interface, click the item Video and select the Video format you want to convert (including: MP4, AVI, 3GP, WMV, MOV, …)

Install Format Factory wizard

Step 2: Here Taimienphi instructions to convert video to AVI By choosing Video ->AVI. Then the window appears as shown below.

Guide to use the factory format

Step 3: Press Add File and select the file to convert. After making your selection you can select the video options at the button Output Setting, here are available configurations you can choose quickly. Press OK, got it

How to format factory

Step 4: After making your selection, click Start to start the process of converting Video to AVI and wait until the program completes the conversion process.

How to use the mem format factory

Apart from this, there are many ways to install Format Factory and even there is a way to use Format Factory, software without installation. However, they all have some problems when using, the main reason is that the software is completely incompatible with your computer configuration and some other causes. With this installation method, you do not have to worry about the above problems, the Format Factory software installed works smoothly on your computer without any errors.

You can also use other Video and Audio converter software such as Total Video Convert or Any Video Converter or Xilisoft Video Converter ..


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