How to use MuseScore to create new music

How to use MuseScore to create new music

You want to create a new song, compose music, compose music. MuseScore is the most popular and used music writing software today with a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use design interface. down here.

MuseScore music editing software support unlimited music with up to 4 types of voices on each track, Dynamic effects, lyrics, clarity, chords, music symbols … You can use the keyboard, mouse Calculate or MIDI keyboard to work on MuseScore application quite easily.

Instructions for creating new music tracks with MuseScore software

How to use MuseScore to create new music

– Download and install MuseScore here

Step 1: Figure below is the software interface MuseScore after you install and turn it on to use. The size of this software is relatively light, the installation steps are also fast and especially without the accompanying software.

using musescore to create new music 2

Step 2: In Initialization center as shown below -> click on the plus icon (+) to start creating new music (Creat New Score).

using musescore on new music 3

Step 3: At interface The guide creates a new track (New Score Wizard) -> enter the song name at (Title) Title, Post title at (Title ) Subtitle, Composed at (Musician)Composer, Lyrics at (Poet) Lyricist, Copyright at (License) Copyright ->then press Next below to continue.

using musescore on new music 4

Step 4: Then you will see the sample music samples for you to choose to create a new music track -> click on one of these templates -> then press Next to continue.

using musescore on new music 5

Step 5: Interface appearance expression and tempo -> Choose any one then press continue Next.

using musescore on new music 6

Step 6: In this interface, you can create a starting beat number. If your score begins with a momentum bar, then tick the box Pickup Measure (The measure of momentum) -> then adjust the number of beats at Enter Time Signature (Enter key signature) -> You enter the number of bars in the section Enter Number of Measure. For this measure, you can change the number of bars later if you want.

When everything is fine and you have finished -> click Finished (Finsh) to create new music.

using musescore on new music 7

Step 7: There will appear an interface to create a new track. Here, you will see the number of bars as well as the number of bars you have entered.

using musescore on new music 8

Step 8: Next, enter the note into the tablature. You press the key N above the interface.

using musescore on new music 9

Step 9: You continue to press the note pitch field on the toolbar -> and then click on the pitch level you want to enter on the staff. Press the button Esc to finish or you want to pause the import process.

using musescore on new music 10

In case you want to change, you click on Adjustment (Edit) to edit the list items. The picture below is a list of settings you can customize for your music.

using musescore on new music 11

Step 10: The creation process has finished, click on the item File -> then select continue Archive or press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S to save the score.

using musescore on new music 12

You choose the folder where you want to store the music -> then you can rename the new music -> and then press Save to save.

using musescore on new music 13

Above is the tutorial How to use MuseScore to create new music The steps are quite simple, isn’t it? With MuseScore then you have a good knowledge of music or knowledge of music, or you often compose music, software MuseScore is a good choice among a variety of music composers.
If you are looking for yet another application to compose music for babies on your computer then Encore is the choice for you, you can Compose music on computer with Encore to help children learn music well, thereby helping them develop their ability to listen and compose music in accordance with the beat and rhythm of the song.


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