How to use Window Media Player 12

How to use Window Media Player 12

Using Windows Media Player 12 helps you listen to music, watch videos in many formats on your computer, laptop, how to install, use Windows Media Player 12 will be summarized in detail below by Taimienphi.

If you want to use a simple, light music player, and perform all the basic functions, Windows Media Player will definitely be one of the good options for you. Besides listening to music, you can also watch videos as much as you like with this compact software.

How to use Windows Media Player 12 is quite simple, you just need to take a look at it in order to grasp the full details and features.

Instructions for using Window Media Player 12

Installation mode: Windows Media Player 12 is built-in to Windows, when you select any song or video opened with Windows Media Player, Windows Media Player will ask you about the settings, the first step to choose Recommendedsettings to select the recommended setting.

After clicking finish, Windows Media Player interface will display as below.

Listen to Windows Media Player Mp3

Play music: There are many ways to play music on Windows Media Player 12. If you insert a CD into your computer, the software will automatically play the music and update the album cover and information related to the currently playing song. Or you can add music by right-clicking the button selected Add, then navigate to the music storage folder to open. You can now select songs or rewind songs by manipulating the controller.

  Use wmp 12

Click on the icon Now Playing The top right corner of the screen will display information about the album and the song currently playing.

Use Windows Media Player 12, Listen to Windows Media Player 12 music, use WMP 12

Knot Rip CD allows you to copy music from CDs into the library of Windows Media Player.

The Rip CD process works in tandem with playing music. This means you will not be interrupted when listening to music.

After the Rip is completed you will see the song information in the library of Windows Media Player 12.

Music after Rip will be located in the My Music folder in Libraies.

Burn music to disc: You can also burn music to CD very simply. Just switch to the tab Burn in the top right corner of the music library, then insert a blank disc and drag the song to this area to copy.

After copying, you will see the list of songs. At this time press Start burn for the burning process to start.

The progress of the disc burning will be displayed directly here, you will know which songs were recorded successfully and without success.
So introduced to you how to use Windows Media Player 12. After referring to this article, you learned how to play music and burn discs with Windows Media Player 12. Of course this software is still very much Other features for you to explore, if interested read the article Watch videos with subtitles with Windows Media Player that we have provided.


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