Is turning on wifi on my phone to bed harmful?

Is turning on wifi on my phone to bed harmful?

In most homes, WiFi is the largest source of electromagnetic radiation (EMF). The WiFi from your family router emits an EMF radiation called radio frequency. This radio frequency helps you connect to the Internet (and is almost a mandatory tool in this day and age) but it is also quite dangerous to human health when exposed too much.

One of the best ways to reduce exposure to this type of radiation and stay healthy is to turn off WiFi at night. In this article, let’s Find out why WiFi radiation is dangerous and why turning off WiFi at night is essential!

Is turning on wifi on my phone to bed harmful?

Table of Contents:
1. Is WiFi dangerous?
2. WiFi affects sleep.
3. WiFi affects fertility.
4. Increased risk of cancer.

1. Is WiFi dangerous?

It is dangerous, of course, but there are many different ways to avoid contact with it.

First of all, when it comes to WiFi radiation, we’re talking about radio frequency radiation, a form of electromagnetic frequency radiation. It can be measured using an EMF meter, able to penetrate walls, and travel very far.

Radio frequency radiation is the same type that mobile phones use to connect to nearby networks, and is harmful to the brain and body when using mobile phones and wireless devices. other. Here are the most prominent harmful effects of WiFi on the entire human body.

2. WiFi affects sleep

This is considered to be one of the most important reasons why you should turn off WiFi nor should you keep your mobile phone near you when you go to bed.

In 2013, the University of Melbourne’s Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering completed a study on the harmful effects of WiFi on sleep quality, and especially the body part (the organ responsible for the production of melatonin – a hormone that regulates sleep). regulate sleep and the circadian rhythm of the body).

start wifi when you go to bed has two hours

Research results have shown that our bodies perceive EMF radiation in the same way that light is perceived. When exposed to this radiation, the pineal gland slows down and reduces hormone production, leading to insomnia and trouble sleeping.

When you can’t get enough sleep, your body’s ability to fight off disease, muscle growth, and detox all diminishes. Good sleep is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle, and EMF radiation is seriously affecting people’s ability to get deep sleep.

3. WiFi affects the ability to produce healthy cells in the body

Our body constantly produces new red blood cells, about more than 2 million cells per second. However, the production of healthy blood cells is very susceptible to stress as well as EMF radiation.

start wifi phone when going to bed with two hours no. 2

Inside each cell these red cells are a receptor, like a tiny antenna that is responsible for conveying information through chemical signals. The problem is that these receptors will also receive signals from EMF radiation. Then it will:

Negative impact on the ability to create round, complete, and healthy cells

Decreased ability to absorb important nutrients

Reduces the ability to eliminate toxins and free radicals.

These combine to create a domino effect, affecting the entire human body. When the body does not have the necessary nutrients, free radicals accumulate, and improperly formed cells and not being provided with enough oxygen will make the body tired and susceptible to disease.

4. Increased risk of cancer

Numerous studies have linked the use of mobile phones with an increased risk of brain tumors. At the same time, people who are regularly exposed to radio frequency (from any source, including WiFi) are at higher risk of cancer.

It is also important to note that the harmful effects of EMF radiation will accumulate gradually, so the best way to protect your health is to reduce your exposure. This is also a concern because people are increasingly exposed to WiFi, almost anytime, anywhere.

A simple task like turning off WiFi at night will help you reduce your exposure to EMF radiation, which means you can protect your health better than others.

In fact, in 2015, France enacted a law banning and restricting the use of WiFi in schools, including: banning the use of WiFi in kindergartens, restricting the use of WiFi in elementary schools, only used when actually the need and serve the purpose of education, ….
Hope with the due information provided above, you have good reasons to turn off WiFi every night before going to bed, or at least turn off WiFi on mobile phones. In addition, when you turn on WiFi phone, you will extend the time to use electronic devices and even social networks. This will seriously affect the quality of sleep and the spirit of work and study the next day. In addition, you refer more how to use the phone to make sleep sound better here.


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