Link to download ISO file Windows 10 ver 1909

Link to download ISO file Windows 10 ver 1909

Windows 10 has come out with a lot of updates to improve quality and suit the needs of users. If you are in need, please refer to the link to download the ISO file Windows 10 ver 1909 below.

Information that Microsoft provides, the public release of Windows 10 1909 will be sent to users in October of this year. This is the first time Microsoft has used a major feature update to improve and fix bugs on previous updates. Therefore, this is considered the most secure Windows 10 update ever. Let’s learn about the new features of this update as well as Windows 10 1909 ISO download link Latest.

Features and download links of Windows 10 19H2

– Download Windows 10 Pro 32bit.
– Download Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

Table of Contents:
1. New features on Win 10 1909.
2. Link to download the latest Windows 10 1909 ISO.

Instructions for downloading the ISO file Windows 10 ver 1909

With the procedure to download the official Windows 10 1909 ISO file from Microsoft, which Taimienphi will guide the following, users need to use Chrome browser on the computer. If not, quickly download and install via the link to download the Chrome browser here:
– Download the Chrome browser here: Download Chrome
After you have installed the browser, follow the instructions below to download it ISO file Windows 10 1909.
Step 1: Open the Chrome browser on the computer and access the link Here.

Step 2: Next, click F12 on the keyboard, to switch to mode Developer Tools.

Step 3: Here, you click on the tool Toggle device toolbar located in the upper left corner of the window Developer Tools or keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + M to adjust the view.


Step 4: In the toolbar that appears, click the arrow icon and select iPad to choose to switch to the web view as if using an iPad.


Step 5: You press F5 to reload the page. Back to the interface screen of the website, you will see a new item appears Select Edition. Now click and select Windows 10, then press Confirm.


Step 6: Dialog box Select the product language appears, select the language that you feel best suits. After making your selection, press Confirm.


Step 7: Finally, click download version 32 – bit or 64 – bit Depending on the configuration of the computer.


At this time the download process of Win 10 19H2 starts happening, please wait patiently.

1. New features on Win 10 1909

According to Microsoft, the Windows 10 1909 update will have fewer new features than its predecessors. In this 19H2 update, the company focused on fixing bugs, improving performance and introducing other small features. However, the Windows 10 1909 version still has valuable changes that users pay close attention.

Update Windows interface

– With the new interface, you can easily create an event directly from the Calendar window on the Taskbar.
– Knot Manage notifications have added to the Action Center. With this addition, you can easily set up notifications on your computer.
– The navigation window on the Start menu will be expanded when the user hovers over it. So from now on you can easily see where you are clicking when used.
– Display options to configure and turn off notifications of apps / websites right on the notification. Even as notifications and in Action Center.

link download file iso windows 10 ver 1909 2


– Notification settings in Settings -> System -> Notifications will now default to arrange the sender of notifications according to the most recently displayed notification, instead of the sender’s name. So you’ll easily find and configure the most recent and recent senders. In addition, this update adds an option to turn off the sound when a notification appears.

– Thumbnail previews feature has now been added to the notification settings area to show the meaning of “banner” and “Action Center”.

link download file iso windows 10 ver 1909 3

Other new updates

– The Win 10 1909 update improves the battery life as well as the performance of the computer.
– Allow third party virtual assistants to be activated by voice at the Lock screen.
– Updated search box in File Explorer. With this change helps integrate OneDrive content into search results.
– This update has fixed and allowed OEMs to optimize their hardware better when used on Windows 10 1909.
– Feature scroll key or Rotate lock allows users to safely scroll passwords. Also prevent the disclosure of recovery password to manually unlock BitLocker of the user.
– Activate Windows Defender Credential Guard for ARM64 devices to improve security.
– In addition, there are many other small updates.

2. Link to download the latest Windows 10 1909 ISO

This way you will perform the ISO file download right on the website of This is a website that always provides full software, instructions on computer tips, download operating system (OS), applications or games with all official versions quickly and safely.

As soon as the ISO version of Windows 10 1909 is released publicly, will update this update right on its website. Then, you download the download link below:

– Download the ISO file Windows 10 The latest here.

Next, you will read the introduction to Windows 10 versions along with instructions for installing Windows 10. The end of the article will be a link for you to download Windows 10 updates. You choose the ISO version of Windows 10 1909 then select the 32bit or 64bit version to download is to get the ISO file you need.

Download the Windows 10 1909 ISO file with Windows ISO Downloader

How to download this 32bit and 64bit Windows 10 ISO file you will use the tool Windows ISO Downloader to select and download ISO files that suit your needs.

Once downloaded, you only need to open it to be able to use immediately and without having to install. The picture below is an interface when opening Windows ISO Downloader.

link download file iso windows 10 ver 1909 4

For detailed instructions on how to download the genuine ISO file and how to use Windows ISO Downloader, please refer to the instructions get genuine ISO file from Microsoft here.

With Link to download the ISO file Windows 10 ver 1909 With an introduction to the new features of the latest Windows update, we hope that readers will have an overview before downloading to update and use.
In addition, in case you need to reinstall Windows, the best way to install Windows is to always do from USB, because currently using CD / DVD is no longer as popular as before. You refer to the way create Windows 10 installer from USB Here you can do it yourself to have the Windows 10 installer with the latest ISO file. Good luck!


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