Open the .nrg file with any software?

Open the .nrg file with any software?

With the small trick to open the nrg file – a Nero burning file format, those who are passionate about music or movies can easily listen to the original recordings or movie discs that are no longer sold on Market again right on your computer with the best sound quality.

As introduced from the beginning .nrg file format developed by Nero – a tool to copy and burn DVDs and CDs. The nrg file is capable of creating copies of a quality comparable to the original. With such great advantages, so many high quality music and movie sharing sites now use the backup format.

Instructions to open the .nrg file on the computer

Because it’s not a common file format, many users have trouble finding ways to open a .nrg file. Here, Taimienphi will guide how to open the .nrg file easily and most conveniently on the computer.

Instructions to open the .nrg file on the computer

Want to open .nrg file on your computer, you first need to install the virtual disk reading software such as UltraISO, MagicISO, VirtualDrive Pro, PowerISO … to support. If you do not know how to download these software, you can click on the quick download via the link that Taimienphi shares shortly.

– Download PowerISO software here: Download PowerISO

– Download the UltraISO software here: Download UltraISO

– Download the VirtualDrive Pro software here: Download VirtualDrive Pro

In the content of the article, Taimienphi will follow the instructions to open the .nrg file on the computer with UltraISO software. If you do not know how to install it, please continue to refer to the tutorial article install UltraISO.

Step 1: Friend Open UltraISO software on the computer;

Step 2: You clicked File on the menu bar and select Open . Or you can also press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O ;

mo nrg file, install part 2

Step 3: You choose the path to the folder containing the file in .nrg format that you want to open. Left click the file and select Open ;

mo nng file file part 3

Step 4: The list of files contained in will be listed in the working window of the software. Now double-click on any file or click on the button Play to enjoy;

mo nrg file no problem 4

In addition, to enjoy more, UltraISO also supports users to extract and convert file formats to WMA or MP3 format.

Step 5: Friend Right click In the music file, select Extract MP3 File or Extract WMA File ;

mo nng file file to install part 5

The software will automatically save the converted music file into the default folder, usually will be C: Users ComputerName Computer Documents My ISO Files .

Now, you can open and listen to these files more conveniently with the usual music software on your computer or phone.
Through 5 steps to open the .nrg file on the computer that Taimienphi has just guided, you can easily eliminate difficulties when enjoying music or video in .nrg format. From now on, you can safely open the .nrg file you want and read any content inside with the best quality equivalent to the original.


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