Shorten links and generate QR Code with

Shorten links and generate QR Code with

Shortening links and creating QR Codes is essential if you want to share links. There are many ways to do that, but the simplest way to shorten links and generate QR Codes is to use

In the course of daily internet use, you will sometimes need to remember or save links to use them in some cases. Usually links are quite long and difficult to remember so using the link shortening service is a useful solution for you now. Thanks to the shortened link that you can easily remember, especially convenient and a lot more secure when sharing and sending links to others. Therefore, the following article Taimienphi will guide you on how to shorten links and generate QR Code with, a very convenient service of Google link shortening that readers can apply. .

How to shorten links and create QR Code with

Shorten links and generate QR Code with

Step 1: To shorten the link Google –, first you access Here.

Step 2: Next you paste the link you want to shorten to the box Your original URL here then press Shorten URL.

remove google link

Step 3: After clicking, A small dialog with a shortened link in form will display right on the screen. You just need to click on the small icon corresponding to the link to copy that link.

rut gon link gl

You can also get the QR Code of that link to share with people by hovering down below the list of links you have shortened to display a 3-dot symbol as shown below.

remove link

Click on the 3-dot icon and choose QR Code

remove google link follow y muon

Immediately QR Code of the shortened link will appear and you can capture this image of this QR code.

remove google link

So, above just introduced to you how to shorten the link Google – This way, not only can you shorten the link, but also create a QR Code to share directly. If you do not know what QR Code is, please refer to the usage QR code The code that we have provided.

In addition, if users previously wanted to scan QR codes need to install separate applications, but with the new addition that Google has just integrated for the Chrome version on iOS, this job has been simplified. . With scanning the QR Code on the iPhone with Google Chrome we previously shared, this will be a solution as well as opening up a new option for you to scan the QR code on the iPhone in particular and smartphone devices. general.
Besides, the trend Create the form Register online, survey online is increasingly used by many people, if you do not know how to create online forms, please refer to the article on to perform successfully


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