The best free video editor for YouTube 2020

The best free video editor for YouTube 2020

Without an editor for YouTube videos, you will have difficulty improving your product. Of course, YouTube has provided some basic options, but it is clear that some projects need more professional video editing.

The best free video editor for YouTube 2020

Summary of Video Editor for Youtube:
1. HitFilm Express.
2. Clipchamp.
3. Lightworks.
4. FilmoraGo.

Fortunately, there are many free apps supported Video editing for YouTube for all Windows, Mac, iOS, Android platforms. These programs allow you to do all the necessary operations such as adding text, overlay filters, creating fade effects, inserting music, deleting unwanted video sections, running macros and more.

1. HitFilm Express: A free video editor that allows you to upgrade yourself

The best video editing program for youtube for male 2020

+ Advantages:
– User friendly interface
– There are many custom options
– Constantly updated with new improvements / features

+ Disadvantages:
– The download time for the installation file is quite long
– Requires high configuration devices
– Users must purchase additional utilities to fully use the functions

HitFilm Express has a lot of features that any YouTuber will love, such as improving the tone and image quality, but to use, you have to pay. However, there are still many free video editing features that you can use.

Some of the best features of HitFilms Express include:
– Automatically save regularly every minute
– There are dozens of shortcuts
– Adjust colors for 3D effects, insert text, models, etc.
– Set custom maximum undo level
– Some default sample options include 1080p Full HD
– Mix and balance sounds
– Add unlimited music and videos

You can use this free video editor for YouTube on Windows 10 and Windows 8, as well as macOS 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra and OS X 10.12 Sierra. You must create a user account on FXhome before downloading HitFilm Express, then log in with that account to find the download link and finally activate the program.

– Download HitFilm Express here.

2. Clipchamp: Online YouTube editor for simple projects

the best free video development program for youtube in 2020 2

+ Advantages:
– No software downloads
– Quick registration process
– Intuitive editing

+ Disadvantages:
– Must upload every file
– No free files.
– Only export video in 480p format

Clipchamp can be useful when you want to quickly edit a video. Because it supports online operations, you do not need to download the software. Another strength of Clipchamp is very easy to use.

With this free video editor, you will not be able to create HD videos but it allows the final production as MP4.

Some other features:
– Change the speed of video clips
– Resize or trim videos to fit the screen
– Rotate and flip video
– Apply filters
– Video blur

You can add content to your videos by uploading files to the Clipchamp website, then organizing the files and cutting away what you don’t need. Because this YouTube editor only works online, it is compatible with all operating systems. You can login using your email address or Google / Facebook account.

– Access Clipchamp here.

3. Lightworks: Easy-to-use YouTube video editor

the best free video development program for youtube in 2020 3

+ Advantages:
– Allow direct upload to YouTube
– Can continue editing while exporting
– Free video tutorial

+ Disadvantages:
– Unable to export to UHD 4K
– Not updated regularly.
– Add your voice directly to the timeline
– Build macros for faster editing
– Preview fonts in real time
– Export videos up to 720p
– Publish to your YouTube account

Some other Lightworks features include support for drag-and-drop, full-screen mode, customizable layouts, accurate video cropping via the keyboard, multi-point clip conversion, auto-syncing as you type, forward and filter, batch export, and playback comparisons of two sources. Lightworks runs on Windows 10 through Windows Vista, Linux and Mac (10.9 or higher).

– Download Lightworks here.

4. Filmora: YouTube editing application diverse features

the best free video development program for youtube in 2020 4

+ Advantages:
– Many useful features
– Insert free music and other add-ons
– Does not contain advertising

+ Disadvantages:
– A watermark is required
– Very few themes and file integration
– Cannot save quickly and continue editing later
– FilmoraGokhá is easy to use and includes some great features such as integrated music library, video transition and basic editing tools.

Other features include:
– Add your voice directly from the phone
– Submit videos to YouTube as soon as done
– Apply a theme to the entire video
– Allow to insert pre-installed music or download for free.
– Support downloading files from Facebook, Google and Instagram
– Cut 16: 9 clips or blur / trim edges
– There are many overlays
– Allow adding title with funny style
– Adjust the speed of clips with 7 options
– Rotate videos
– Adjust brightness, vignette, contrast

FilmoraGo runs on Android and iOS. There is also a desktop version of Filmora, but it will leave a big watermark in the middle of the video if you don’t pay to delete it.
– Download Filmora here.


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