The best way to forge children into a routine for preschool teachers

The best way to forge children into a routine for preschool teachers

Forging children into the framework, but still retaining the innocence, clarity and comfort of children, naturally performing is always a difficult problem for preschool teachers, so with documentation Some of the best ways to train children in preschool teachers below, hope to be helpful suggestions to help teachers in solving this problem more simply.

Summarize some best ways to forge children
1. The basic routines in learning and playing that children need to be trained
– Greetings, polite to adults.
– Know how to say thank you, sorry.
– Sit up neatly, do not do personal work, do not talk in private, follow the instructions and instructions of the teacher during the lesson, while eating rice.
– Keep the toys, do not scramble with you, know how to arrange toys in the right position after playing.
– Do not throw garbage indiscriminately, do not write graffiti on the wall.
– Voluntarily perform daily personal hygiene tasks: Keep body clean, clothes, hair neat, clean hands before eating; folds clothes, blankets neatly upon waking up, …
– Go to bed on time, sleep well.

2. The way of forging children into order, forming good habits for children
– Regularly listen to poems or songs related to basic skills training, can be repeated every day and guide children to practice. Over time, these things will become a natural habit in children.
For example:
+ Welcome Poems
“Going home from school
Baby greeted immediately
Baby circle arms
Hello grandparents!
Hello aunt, uncle, aunt
Hello sister
UMBRELLA! Good girl, dear! “
+ Poem Guest to home
“A visitor came today
I went out to say hello to my house
Your hands invited your country
Scented tea radiates warm feelings. “
+ Toy Poem
“Class toys
All are common
Baby remember when to use
Gentle, careful
Obeyed her instructions
Furniture, toys
When finished studying
Save it neatly! “
+ Poem Meal time
“Time to eat
Go to your table
Come spoon, bowl, plate
Exposed for neat
Do not be in a hurry
Broken rice, scattered rice “
+ Poem Wash your hands clean
“She told him
Before meal time
When your hands are dirty
Must wash immediately
With soap
Baby notes
Her words “.
– In order to forge children into order, instead of shouting at them and showing negative attitudes, teachers need to be enthusiastic, gently guide and guide children step by step so that they naturally and confidently practice them.
– Schools should work closely with families in educating children, adults need to be especially good role models for children, because children at this age tend to be curious, or imitate what adults do.
– Praise when children do well: For preschool children, children are quite sensitive, so the words and actions of adults will have a great impact on the child’s awareness. Therefore, in educating preschool children, teachers also need to be flexible in giving compliments. When your child is well aware, you need to give appropriate and timely compliments to encourage and encourage your child to continue to practice those good habits. For children with inappropriate attitude, teachers need to analyze and guide the children to repeat.
– Educate habits and order through fables or practical stories: Teachers can tell some simple stories, then ask children if the character is good / not obedient … Come on, from which to educate and deter children
For example: The story of Unobtrusive Little Rabbits, Little Pig visiting friends, Careless Ducklings, Rabbit and Turtle, Black Goat and White Goat, etc.
– Organizing collective activities, assigning tasks to children, observing from which to assess the characteristics of each child to have an appropriate education and adjustment.
With shared posts The best way to forge children into a routine for preschool teachers Above, we hope the teachers can supplement themselves with appropriate methods to bring children into the framework in a natural way that makes them always comfortable and happy when going to school or class. If you have good practices for your child, please share with us! Besides this article, you can also read our other articles such as: Best new introductory ways for elementary teachersHow to fix primary school students’ bad habits for teachers, Poetry quizzes for the best elementary studentHow to teach children to quickly calculate mental arithmetic


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