The easiest way to sign up for Azure

The easiest way to sign up for Azure

Sign up for Azure today to own a free cloud account and feel free to experience most of the services included in Azure such as virtual machines, SQL databases, Hadoop, mobile advertising, communications online, Active Directory ..

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding cloud suite of services to help you, your organization, or your business overcome business challenges. Users can unleash create, manage and deploy applications on the global network with your favorite tools and framework programs. But first of all, please sign up for Azure to create an account now.

Register to create a Microsoft Azure account

Previously to Sign up for an Azure account, understanding and experience for Vietnamese users is extremely difficult. At that time, if users want to register an Azure account, they must have friends or relatives abroad to register. However, this barrier has been broken down because Microsoft has now officially deployed Azure in Vietnam.

In this tutorial, will help you create an Azure free account if you are still a student who has not made money. And how to register Azure with Credit card / debit card information to pay.

Guide to sign up for Azure

* To sign up for Azure you need to prepare

– Need to have a hotmail account, live mail, outlook mail – ie you will have an account registered at If you do not have an account, do so Create a Microsoft account Follow the instructions here. You should register the information that is identical to the VISA card or try Mastercard to register it best.

– You need to have a VISA or Mastercard from any bank. In the account, there should be a minimum of 1 USD, because when you register will be deducted 1 USD and then you will be returned. Please note that 1 VISA card will only be registered once.

– A phone number is required to verify (authenticate) the message when you register. Please note that this phone number has never been registered with Azure.

1. Sign up for Azure with students, still go to school, no cards

Microsoft currently has a support policy for students, so if you do not have a VISA or Mastercard, you can use the free package following the registration steps as follows:

Step 1: Access Microsoft Azure directly HERE

Next, click Actviate Now to make login.

I am in azure

Step 2: You log in normally with your Microsoft account (the account registered at

how to register azure 3

Step 3: Then you choose Verification Method was School Email Address -> Next, enter your email in 2 boxes as described in the image below. The upper part is to enter the email, the lower part is to enter that email again. Note that email is used at your school, this email will usually be the school where you study

how to register azure 4

Step 4: After the import is complete, click on Verify academic status, Microsoft will send a confirmation email to the email you entered. You access the email entered above -> then follow the steps in the email. Complete all you will have an Azure free account to unleash the experience offline.

The figure below is the message when Azure sends a confirmation email to activate Azure registration for users who are students.

how to register azure 5

2. Sign up for Azure with graduates, with a credit card

This way, you will need to have a Credit card or MasterCard to register. If you don’t have a card yet, you need to find it out Master Card What is it ?, where to do it, which bank -> find out, refer to immediately follow the access link on

Once you have the card, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Visual Studio Dev Essential page by clicking directly HERE

Next, click on Join or Access Now, then log in with the Microsoft account similar to the instructions in part 1 above.

how to register azure 6

There will be a confirmation screen when you log in, choose Confirm to agree.

how to register azure 7

Step 2: After successful login, you will see the offers for this Dev Essential package appear.

how to register azure 8

Please click on Activate under the word Azure to perform activation offline.

how to register azure 9

Step 3: Immediately you will be linked to a new tab -> here, you enter email, phone number to confirm.

how to register azure 10

After authentication is complete, next you enter Credit card or MasterCard information -> follow the instructions, then press next to continue -> then proceed to the remaining steps as you complete the Azure registration.

how to register azure 11

Step 4: Login Azure with your newly created account

After creating your Azure account, go to direct HERE, log in with the account you created.

When you see appear Dashboard of Azure, which means that your account creation has been successfully created -> click on it Start tour to get ready for the demo and do the demo.

how to register azure 12

The picture below is the interface when you go to Dashboard:

how to register azure 13

And the picture below is when you enter SQL databases:

how to register azure 14

Above is the whole tutorial sign up for Azure Free for students who are students, or how to register via Credit card / MasterCard will have to pay fees when using the services that require payment.

Using Azure, users will enjoy 1 year of use with:

– Use 750 hours of VM usage (the virtual machine to run the app) for both Windows and Linux
– Get 2 64GB hard drives for VM.
– There are 5GB containing files.
– Has 250GB SQL Database.
– There is 5GB NoSQL database.
– Simultaneously Bandwidth data up to 15GB.
In addition, with Azure you can also use some permanent free services such as: AppService, Function (serverless), Face API …


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