Top 10 best torrent sites

Top 10 best torrent sites

Torrent websites are the types of websites that allow you to download Torrent files on your computer with genres such as movies, music, software, etc.There are many torrent sites on the internet today. Or, provide free torrent files. But where is the high quality website that gets the most visitors?

A torrent, or torrent file, or collectively called * .torrent format is an extension of the Bittorrent file. This is a very special type of file mainly present in P2P file sharing system (peer to peer or people to people), a form of peer-to-peer sharing among users. Today, Torrent Web sites are also becoming more and more popular.

There have been more and more applications and even web browsers that support downloading Torrent files, such as CocCoc or Torch Browser, if you use 2 CocCoc or Torch Browser, you refer to:

Download the torrent file on Torch Browser
Download the torrent file with CocCoc

Top 10 most popular torrent sharing websites in 2017

If talking about the popular torrent site users and most used today, perhaps the KickassTorrents. There are also The Pirate Bay, Extratorrent, TorrentProject, … The top 10 best torrent sharing sites will be a huge library for you to download what you need using uTorrent or BitTorrent.

Top 10 best torrent sharing websites, download extremely fast torrent

1. The Pirate Bay –

torrent site

Top torrent sharing websites

The Pirate Bay is considered the “king” among the best torrent sites. This is also the oldest torrent sharing site among the torrent sites in this list of top 10 best torrent sites.

In 2016, when popular torrent sites didn’t make a move, it seemed that it was still there and that’s when The Pirate Bay was consistently ranked as the best torrent sharing site.

Moreover, The Pirate Bay still works from the original address (or domain name) that is the .org one. If you’re living in Australia you can’t access The Private Bay.

The Pirate Bay was ranked 116th in the Alexa Rank worldwide and ranked 2nd in the list of the best torrent sites in 2016.

Extratorrent is ranked 244 in the Alexa Rank.

2. RARBG –

torrent sharing web

TOP 10 largest websites for sharing torrent of movies, documents and music in 2017

You probably don’t know, RARBG started out with a Bulgarian tracker and didn’t have a full website. Either way, RARBG has attracted hundreds of thousands of users to use their torrent sharing site, who wants to download media files quickly and without any hassle.

In other words, RARBG has built itself an impressive reputation for providing quality series television shows.

Ranked at 282 in the Alexa Rank.

3. Torrentz2 –

web torrent

Torrentz2 is a torrent site that replaces, which was shut down by the end of 2016. According to sources, closed itself and no longer wanted to provide its services to online users.

Torrentz2 is an improved version and more developed than its original version, And the truth is that beats among torrent sites (60 times) to show results for any particular search term.

Ranked at 425 in the Alexa Rank.

4. 1337X –

Share web link at torrent

Website to share the best Torrent movie links today

To be on this list of the best torrent sharing sites is a long journey of 1337X. In 2016, 1337X faced major issues, including security issues affecting the overall performance of this torrent site.

The good news, however, is that after the significant efforts of our staff over the past time, it seems that 1337X is on the right track, and the traffic of this torrent website has increased significantly this year.

Ranked # 819 in Alexa Rank.

5 YTS.AG –

Download Torrent

Top websites that BitTorrent users should know

The first thing you need to know about YTS.AG is that it is not affiliated with the older YTS or even the YIFY publishing team, and the torrent site YTS.AG is ranked 6th in the top 10 list of websites. This best torrent.

The fact that YTS.AG has taken control of the YTS and YIFY brands effectively does not mean that it is not good enough to be on this list of best torrent sites.

Ranked at 335 in Alexa Rank.

6. EZTV.AG –

torrent file sharing website

Website to share the best Torrent movie links today

After a few years of absence, EZTV.AG came back stronger. The original EZTV torrent developers were lost and presumably dead. New owners have worked hard to improve this torrent site after they announced their ownership of EZTV in 2015.

EZTV’s new owner publishes torrents through the domain EZTV.AG. However, some versions of EZTV.AG have been “constrained and banned” by other torrent sharing sites.

Ranked # 1472 in Alexa Rank.

Ranked # 872 in Alexa Rank.

7. LimeTorrents –

torrent file sharing web

The most popular torrent website in Vietnam

After a few years of “hiding”, LimeTorrents finally came back and reaffirmed its position in the list of best websites 2017.

LimeTorrents developers have started working on a new project by the name of Torrents over the past few months, which is basically a torrent cache.

As a result, LimeTorrent got noticed and was later used by many other torrent meta search engines.

Ranked # 2443 in Alexa Rank.

8. TorrentDownloads –

share files quickly

Top 10 popular torrent sharing sites

TorrentDownloads is blocked by the majority of Internet service providers, and that’s why users in many countries cannot access this torrent site.

LimeTorrents has added TorrentDownloads to the list of best torrent sharing websites because it directly accesses the indexing of torrent files. TorrentDownloads serves millions of torrent users every month without any hassle or problem.

Ranked at 1946 in the Alexa Rank.

9. Extratorrent –

torrent sharing site

10. TorrentProject –

share torrent files

TorrentProject is a “notorious” name in the torrent industry, so there’s no doubt that it is in the top 10 best torrent sites.

From a technical perspective, this torrent sharing site uses DHT to search and find content. Up to this point, TorrentProject has over 10 million torrent files in its own database.

Extratorrent has been one of the most improved torrent sites throughout the years. Extratorrent constantly asserts itself, as evidenced by this site has consistently kept high rankings in the rankings for the past few years.

And most recently, after KickAssTorren was “closed”, most users turned to Extratorrent, which is clearly a big “bargain” that Extratorrent n captures and takes advantage of.

Above are the Top 10 best torrent sites that provide you with a huge download repository that you can use some of the fast torrent download software.
In case you do not want to use specialized software to download torrents, you can also use the high-speed download tool IDM to do this. Download the torrent file with IDM will guide you specifically. Good luck !


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