Top 10 website editing video online simply and most effectively

Top 10 website editing video online simply and most effectively

While online video editing websites do not have all the advanced customization features like professional software on computers, they are still favorite and flexible tools when users want to create videos with internal content. Simple content, not over complicated.

Most users currently use these Video editing software Professional like Final Cut Pro or Proshow Producer or Sony Vegas Pro, … but generally these are large video editing software, and must be installed to use. Few people know that there are now no less convenient and professional online video editing tools online to help you cut video, add effects, sound faster.

Synthesis of the most beautiful and effective online video editing website

List of online video editing websites:
1. Clipchamp.
2. Movie Maker Online.
3. WeVideo.
4. Magisto.
5. Adobe Spark.
6. Wideo.
8. PowToon.
9. Loopster.
10. Kizoa.

Top 10 most beautiful and effective online video editing websites

1. Clipchamp

Opening the list of Top online video editing websites, Taimienphi will introduce you to Clipchamp page. The interface design of the website is relatively simple and most operations are done by drag and drop.

Main web video editing

Targeted at the average user, moderate demand should Clipchamp equipped with all the features necessary for video editing. Besides, the website also understands the user, providing advanced utilities such as file compression, format converter and even video recording via webcam.

Advantages: Free to use, simple operation, unlimited number of edited videos.
Defect: The output video file is limited to a maximum resolution of 480p.
– Visit the Clipchamp page Here

2. Movie Maker Online

You will need a lot of compliments when you talk about Movie Maker Online’s video editing tool. Besides editing such as collage, creating effects, users can upload video files, music, photos on this website and edit, edit them to become a complete work.

Main web video editing

To better support users, Movie Maker Online also has its own library of copyrighted photos and music and is completely free for you to choose freely.

Advantages: Offers many effects, editing tools and free materials for users;
Defect: The completed file can only be downloaded in MP4 format. It takes a long time to get used to the page layout.
– Visit the Movie Maker Online page Here

3. WeVideo

Like other online video editing services, WeVideo also provides a handy user experience, not to mention, simplified functions that make it even easier for less experienced users to edit videos. In addition, WeVideo also supports uploading photos, videos, audio to cloud storage and access when needed.

Main web video editing

Advantages: Simple interface, easy to use, provides a variety of video editing tools from basic to advanced as much as professional video editing software.
– Defect: To use all the features, you have to buy for about $ 50, only give a 15-minute trial and watermarked video, poor quality.
– Visit the WeVideo page Here

4. Magisto

Magisto is a professional online video editing tool, especially useful when editing short videos, Magisto video editing is a bit similar to Instragram with pre-set effects and users only The application on video.

Vietnam official video online

– Advantages: Rich content of video, audio and image content, supporting account creation via Facebook and Google. Users only need to select images, video or audio, Magisto will automatically process them all.
– Visit the Magisto page Here

5. Adobe Spark

The Adobe Spark site is another great option for users who want to edit video on their computer without having to install it. It can be said that the features of Adobe Spark are designed and programmed to suit many needs, industries such as making cards, leaflets, images on social networks, … and of course video again.

Main website of online video editing

When editing videos, users can download videos, images from their devices, or another great option than taking from their cloud data store such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Adobe’s own Creative Cloud .

Advantages: Programmed by Adobe, you can be assured of the quality of the product, especially with the feature of making square videos for Instagram.
Defect: Not offering many options for users, the finished video will have a translucent Adobe Spark logo attached below.
– Visit the Adobe Spark site Here

6. Wideo

Wideo support users in creating videos with many owners ranging from business to marketing, advertising videos, … especially the pretty template system is already free and free for users to choose to create and edit. videos at your disposal is easy. Like Magisto, users can use Facebook or Google to register for an account.

Official website of the online clip

Advantages: User friendly interface, easy to use, free of charge and convenient way to register accounts.
– Visit the Wideo page Here


With simple video editing needs, you do not need to install a professional software on your computer. Instead, using will help weakly configured computers to edit videos easily and quickly.

Main web of online videos has basic features such as cutting clips, adding text, images to videos, increasing brightness adjustment, creating blur effects, creating diverse transition effects, … And much more. Interesting features are waiting for you to discover.

Advantages: Completely free, optimized more to make videos for social networking sites or Youtube;
– Visit the page Here

8. PowToon

PowToon is one of the interesting online video editing services with outstanding cartoon style. You can choose from a variety of templates available in the service and depending on the purpose of the video is commercial, study, you can choose the appropriate video template.

Official video editor online

Prospoint: Beautiful interface, with professional video management system.
– Visit the PowToon page Here

main website online video editing

9. Loopster

Loopster Provides online video editing with support of cloud storage. The service provides a lot of basic and useful editing tools for free to everyone, but if you want more professional movie editing functions, you have to sign up for a premium membership account /

Correct the online clip

– Advantages: Free to register and use, provides 3GB of cloud storage, supports files up to 1GB, resolution 480p
– Defect: Stamped copyright and Timeline videos are limited to 10 minutes.
– Visit the Loopster page Here

10. Kizoa

Instead of focusing on features to produce a masterpiece of art, Kizoa is designed to help users easily create interesting videos on social networks. Kizoa allows users to edit and share quickly. You can tag videos quickly, then email them, or post immediately on Facebook, Instagram, …

Vietnam official video online

Advantages: Free to use and is provided with 1GB of storage;
Defect: The copyright seal and need to register an account to use;
– Access the page Kizoa Here

A quick look at online video editing services, we all see these services in addition to online video editing with effects that also support additional functions. video cut online so you can easily combine them into one video at will.

Of course, some of the video editing services above, such as MIXMOOV or Loopster, excel in the ability. Cut video onlineTherefore, readers should carefully study the pros and cons of each service to use it more effectively.
Wish you choose the most appropriate online video editing service.


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