Top causes slow network, internet access flickering

Top causes slow network, internet access flickering

You feel uncomfortable and want to change the network provider of another internet when often lost network or network speed slowed down. However, before doing this, you can find out the causes of this situation as well as solutions to overcome before making changes to Internet service providers.

Internet access Now it has become a habit that is familiar to most people in today’s modern day when they help us access and update useful answers via the internet. In parallel with the usage process, users should also regularly check the internet speed of the place where they work and live to know the status of the transmission line, there are many online services that support checking. Check intenet network speed as effectively as Speedtest …

However, on a clear day you notice that the network speed is slower than before and sometimes the signal is lost making you feel uncomfortable, affecting your work and entertainment. It is impossible to speed up the internet faster, instead of calling the switchboard and waiting for the technique to check the speedup intenret, the reader can follow the following article with top Cause network slow, internet access Slow to pocket yourself how to handle your home network.

Top causes slow network, slow internet access

1. Error due to the weather

Currently there are two common types of transmission lines: optical cable and copper cable. Because copper cable internet connection will depend on the weather, so on rainy days, the internet connection will not be satisfactory, the network signal will be slower than usual, meaning the signal may be flicker.

Overcome: This is the reason for force majeure, so Taimienphi recommends you switch to using optical cable to signal more stable.

2. Conflict between wifi router and modem

When you use many modem devices, routers, swicth along with the wrong configuration and have the same IP address with the modem so that causing conflicts with each other, resulting in slow or even impossible network access. Internet connection.

Overcome: Identify a duplicate IP device and reconfigure, try to remember the IP address and set it to a different range than the modem address or turn off DHCP.

3. Sharing the network for too many devices.

In order to save costs, usually many friends share their internet connection with many people for shared use via network cable or wifi transmitter. However, this is also the reason why your internet connection will be slow when there are many users at the same time or downloading a program or software.

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Overcome: Limiting the number of computers used on the internet connection, not downloading or watching movies during peak hours … or can be upgraded to a higher internet package.

4. The computer is infected with a virus.

A virus-infected computer is also a major cause of slow internet surfing or internet access. Because viruses can use your Internet connection for other purposes, use a lot of system resources and can even make the computer can not connect to the internet. The sign that a computer is infected with a virus is that starting or opening Windows applications is too slow compared to normal and at the same time, the computer often crashes.

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Overcome: Reinstall the operating system and use the Best antivirus software today to prevent viruses from infiltrating the computer, regularly using anti-virus software weekly to prevent the damage of data hacking resulting in slow network condition.

5. Cutting off optical cables at sea

This phrase is probably not too strange for us because the cable break has occurred quite often and caused a stir in the online community.

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Overcome: You can only sit and wait until the cable break is fixed. However, you can use temporarily as well as register 3G / 4G packages of the network or refer to how to fix the slow network when the AAG sea cable is broken that before measuring Taimienphi shared.

6. The device modem, switch or network card is faulty

Two modem and switch devices are those that you plug in 24 hours a day. Because of this, sometimes these devices can cause slow work or fail to access the Internet.

Overcome: Reset these devices and check your speed and internet access as well. Also, plug the network cable directly into the modem without going through a switch to check if the switch is faulty. And if the network is often cross-marked and reconnected by yourself, you can try wiring through another computer to check the wire, if the cord is good, check the network card on the computer for errors.

7. Error due to service provider

The last and also quite common cause comes from your service provider. When you receive the modem device from the supplier, it is most likely not a high-quality and even second-hand equipment and this may directly affect the usage process. your. Besides, the transmission quality is also affected by many external factors such as weather or plants and animals that accidentally damage the wires. When you encounter these situations, contact your service provider right away for advice.
The above is a summary of the causes of slow network as well as the current common slow internet access that Taimienphi wants to share with readers. Hopefully, if you encounter one of these situations can actively solve the problem instead of waiting for network technicians to repair. In addition, some users after updating the operating system to the new version sometimes affected the network speed, especially on Windows 10 Anniversary. In case users encounter this situation, you can refer to the article on how to fix a slow network connection after updating the Windows 10 Anniversary that we have guided before. Good luck.


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