Top network speed test software

Top network speed test software

Currently, there are many methods to check network speed. In addition to the modern and complex methods of experts, there are two ways that the majority of users can use it is to check by software or by websites specializing in measuring internet speed. Please follow the sharing below before choosing for yourself a suitable network speed testing software to use.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are many ways to help you check the Internet speed that you are using and you can use one of the 5 most effective Internet speed test sections below to help you. evaluate your connection speed most accurately.

The best software to check network speed

Top network speed test software

1. LAN Speed ​​Test (Lite) software

– Download software LAN Speed ​​Test (Lite) here: Download LAN Speed ​​Test 2

LAN Speed ​​Test provides users with tools to measure LAN speed both fast and accurately, used for intranets very simple in use. This application is considered a good idea to test at different times to test the network speed, which is essential for people who do network administration.

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Use LAN Speed ​​Test help you easily check the internet parameters you are using, and you can check your internet speed, the time you use …

This software has an extremely simple and effective design, letting you know the upload speed and download speed of the package.

2. PsPing network speed test software

– Download software PsPing here: Download PsPing

PsPing is a command line tool with the ability to ping the network, display the results on the screen, and provide the option to create charts that you are allowed to put into the Spreadsheet spreadsheet file. PsPing belonging to the PsTools group – the famous network ping toolkit by Mark Russinovich (currently works for Microsoft).

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To use PsPing, you just need to copy PsPing Go to the executable path and enter “psping” to see its syntax. If you want to know examples of bandwidth measurement feature of PsPing, you need to enter the command “psping -?”. PsPing runs on Windows Vista and later operating systems with client machines and Windows Server 2008 and later with server machines.

The main features of PsPing can include:

– Check network connection.
– Ping the TCP network.
– Check I / O request processing speed
– Measure the Internet bandwidth speed.

3. Real network monitor speed test software

– Download software Real Network Monitor here: Download Real Network Monitor

Real Network Monitor is a network speed test software that allows users to monitor the connection speed and Internet traffic on the computer so that the Internet connection speed is stable and reaches the maximum speed. as service provider committed or not.

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For Internet users who pay according to usage traffic, with the help of Real Network Monitor you will more conveniently manage the total amount of space you have used, so that you can use the most reasonable method.

4. Network speed test software Networx

– Download software Networx here: Download Networx

NetWorx is a simple and free software that helps you check, manage, monitor bandwidth, Internet speed and connect to other networks like DIALUP, Ethernet, ISDN, DSL, Wifi. This application also allows you to track the total amount of used download and upload, measure the speed of Internet connection.

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In addition, software NetWorx also allows you to set the auto-disconnect feature when network usage is detected beyond the allowed level, reports of network bandwidth usage can be presented in the form of diagrams, charts. so that users can easily manage and understand the software.

5. NetTraffic network speed test software

– Download software NetTraffic here: Download NetTraffic

NetTraffic is a network monitoring and monitoring software. The software also provides detailed statistics on data packets, total, network traffic, time. The parameters are displayed by detailed graph of network speed, current status, remaining network usage.

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NetTraffic gives users the ability to check, manage and monitor network connections on the computer, and notify you and have reasonable network usage plans, especially those you pay according to traffic volume. use.

Above is the article about Top network speed test software The best current according to Each of the above applications and software has different features, methods and advantages, so you should, depending on your work needs and choose the most appropriate software to use.
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