Top open source video editing software

Top open source video editing software

Video editing has been a fairly strong industry over the years. Things like cutting videos or adding background music have become a lot easier than before. We no longer have to go to stores to get the help of professional editors, we can do this at home, with the open source video editing software listed by listed below.

Video editing software is divided into 2 types: closed source and open source software. Closed source software is the usual video editing software, providing features such as cutting, speed rendering, adding background music, etc. Open source software is software that provides professional features. more, than what you can find in closed source software.

Synthesis of free open source video editing software

Open source video editing software that contains the source code, allowing you to customize the program according to your needs. Therefore, anyone with coding knowledge and video editing experience will prefer to use open source software. So, which is the best choice? The answer depends on the type of video you want to edit. In this article, will present a list of the best video editing software, which can meet in any case, help simplify the work and create a professional product like never before.

Open source video editing applications:
1. Lightworks.
2. Blender.
3. DaVinci Resolve 16.

1. Lightworks

Considered the oldest filmmaking tool on the market, Lightworks is an Emmy-winning open source video editing software. It supports resolutions up to 4000, both SD and HD formats; and compatible with all operating systems such as Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

This is a great tool, allowing you to create high quality videos that are professionally edited. Lightworks is extremely agile, providing Hollywood-level detailed editing tools for your videos. You can also share videos with people who use the application.

Lightworks’s interface is a bit different from most other free editors, but it is customizable and allows you to rearrange different controllers and windows according to your work requirements.

top video distribution software video source code mo

The paid version of Lightworks, called Lightworks Pro – provides a more advanced video editing experience. The free version gives you the most rudimentary tools, including the Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) file or the Linux Debian (.deb) download.

The Pro version allows exporting videos in other formats (besides MPEG), publishing 4K videos directly to YouTube, and exporting 3D videos. Honestly, you can find all that is needed in the free version. If after you’ve used this version and you need to upgrade, then it’s time to buy the Pro version.

Overall, Lightworks is easy to use, supports real-time collaboration through sharing projects with teams, and optimizing speed, helping you create Hollywood blockbusters in a short time. .

Download Lightworks software here: Download Lightworks

2. Blender

Blender is considered one of the best free video editing software today. This is a 3D graphics tool that helps create animated films, 3D applications, video games and visual effects. The software provides features such as 3D modeling, rigging, texturing, smoke simulation, animation, rendering, overlay and video editing.

Main component video source mo blender

Blender is an open source software with more features than other common software. This is a complete 3D animation creation tool, allowing rendering, modeling, motion tracking, and countless other activities. It also provides other features such as transitions, filters, speed control, arbitrary color scheme, …..

There are 32 blanks available, allowing you to add sound clips, video clips, effects, and images to create extremely complex videos.

Newcomers may be overwhelmed with the features available, and it will take a bit of time to learn. Ideally, you should look for tutorials on YouTube to get things started faster and more efficiently.

In short, if you want a professional video and don’t have a watermark at the bottom, then Blender will be the best option for you.

Download the Blender software here: Download Blender

3. DaVinci Resolve 16

DaVinci Resolve 16 is a professional and effective video editing software. All basic features like video creation, clip merging, video cutting, background music addition, and color grading are very easy to use. This is even true for beginners because the interface is quite classic. However, you will still need to read the instructions carefully to understand them most clearly.

Non-professional editors will also find that DaVinci Resolve is a useful application, worth the time and effort to learn.

top video distribution software video mo 3

Download DaVinci Resolve 16 software here: Download DaVinci Resolve 16

If all you need is to edit a regular video to share with relatives, friends on Facebook or YouTube, then you should choose a simpler and more popular application. But if your goal is to become a talented filmmaker, then this app will not disappoint you.
Above are top 3 best free open source video editing software due synthetic. Have you ever used these applications? Please share with us your experience by commenting in the box below!


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