Top remote desktop connection management software

Top remote desktop connection management software

Remote computer connection management software (RDM) is an extremely useful tool, especially in the field of information technology. Unlike screen sharing software, RDM will allow you to log in to a remote computer when not directly accessible.

You can access the computer at work from home or vice versa. RDM allows you to log in, handle the work, and then log out without having to go to the company. Below, will introduce to you some of the remote computer management software (both free and paid) currently most effective.

Top remote desktop connection management software

Everyone values ‚Äč‚Äčtheir money and wants to save as much as possible, so free software is always a top priority. What software is Taimienphi Introduced below are 100% free or have a free trial period.

Summary of remote computer connection management tools:
1. Zoho Assist.
2. TeamViewer.
3. Remote Access Plus of Manage Engine.
4. Paid remote desktop connection management software.
5. iDrive RemotePC.
6. LogMeIn.
7. ConnectWise Control.

1. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based software that allows you to connect on demand without prior installation. Instead, you can invite users to connect directly to your device via email.

top of the internet connection management software

Zoho Assist’s outstanding features include data transfer, messaging or phone calls, multi-screen detection, video recording of the meeting, and the ability to reboot the device remotely without losing connection. The free version allows you to connect up to 5 different devices with a limited number of features. The paid version with the lowest price ($ 10 / month) will offer more features.

Zoho Assist is also perfectly integrated with other Zoho products, facilitating service users.

– Access Zoho Assist here.

2. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is considered one of the best remote access tools and is loved by many people. Equipped with many tools that not all RDM has, TeamViewer is not only available for Windows, but most other platforms such as Linux, Mac, Android, etc.

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TeamViewer provides a free service to individual users but also has a more advanced version with some advanced features. The different premium versions of TeamView provide different support services based on the number of visitors.

– Download software TeamViewer here: Download TeamViewer Text

3. Remote Access Plus of Manage Engine

Considered to be one of the remote support software for businesses, Remote Access Plus is designed to assist system administrators and IT specialists in troubleshooting remote computer problems via the cloud. or central equipment. It provides many features such as system management, remote on / off, and advanced remote access control.

top of the internet connection management software 3

Besides the free version, there are two paid versions, Standard and Professional. For businesses with fewer than 10 computers, the free version can be used with all the necessary features. For a larger scale, you can use the Standard version with a minimum price of $ 95 / year or Professional for $ 300, depending on the platform (cloud or on-premises).

– Download Remote Access Plus software here: Download Remote Access Plus

4. Paid remote desktop connection management software

Paid software is often used in large businesses with multiple devices. If you are looking for an RDM with many useful features, here are the best paid options for you.

5. iDrive RemotePC

RemotePC is the perfect choice for small businesses looking for cloud-based RDM. With this software, you can access remotely 24/7 safely, from anywhere, any platform.

top computer parts management system remote computer 4

The software has a simple interface, easy navigation and incredible performance, besides very affordable price. The settings for both client and server are exactly the same, saving you time and avoiding confusion.

Key features include always-on remote access, connection options in the browser, easy data transfer with drag-and-drop method, remote printing, and add-on functionality. convenient operation.

Independent users can get a free 30 day trial directly on the website. Business users will receive custom quotes when they want to use the service. .

– Download RemotePC software here: Download RemotePC

6. LogMeIn

As one of the leading RDMs, LogMeIn is easy to install and connect. With effective management method, it will provide users with the best experience.

One of the interesting features is the ability to assess the status of remote computers, allowing you to set up the alarm system based on specific criteria.

Top of the computer management connection with remote computer 5

Another feature is the ability to access and share documents directly from an online account, allowing both servers and clients to share documents without losing access or remote control.

This service offers a free trial period for both Pro / Central and Rescure versions.

– Download LogMeIn software here: Download LogMeIn

7. ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control provides two separate options, Support and Access. Support package is based on cloud platform and mainly for support services, with the price of 19USD / month if paid annually (or 24USD / month). This version is for 1 user, 1 connection and the lowest price is $ 19, supporting access to 10 unattended devices, data transfer, remote printing, and remote collaboration.

top computer parts management system remote computer 6

There are 2 versions included with the Support package: Standard and Premium; Allows unlimited access to devices, start up machines, execute remote command lines and other features at a higher cost.

Access packages allow monitoring and support of devices without affecting end users. The features offered are heavily in favor of internal IT solutions such as advanced reporting and real-time alert systems. The price depends on the number of access devices, from $ 30 for 25 devices to $ 1,250 for 2,500 devices.

– Download ConnectWise Control for Android
Hopefully, with the above information, you have chosen the software that best suits your job and affordability. For more useful software and tips, visit often!


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