Top useful ad networks for blogs and websites

Top useful ad networks for blogs and websites

When your blog or website has a large and stable readership, you should immediately find an ad network to make money online. So which advertising networks are the most trusted bloggers today? Today’s article will introduce you to the top useful ad networks for blogs and websites!

Table of Contents:
1. Google Adsense.
2. Propellers Ad.
4. Conversant Media.
5. Technorati media.

Useful ad networks for blogs and websites

Top useful advertising network for Blog and website

1. Google Adsense

Top of the list for blog and website 2

Google Adsense is a famous advertising network and is used by most “publishers” in the world. Bloggers use Adsense a lot because it is easy to use and it has safe features and quality ads. Google Adsense will pay you when you reach $ 100 or more and you can receive money via Western Union, bank transfer, EFT, … Adsense also has a Net30 payment policy, which means the payments will be Process and send to customer within 30 days.

Many people want to use Adsense to make money online on the site. However, to be approved by Adsense is not easy at all because you must strictly follow some of the following rules:

– Using an optional domain name for the website
– Synchronize Google Analytics with your website
– Wait at least 6 months before submitting a new website to make money

2. Propellers Ad

Top of the list for blog and website 3

Blogger manages the activities on its site via phone, desktop, social networks, … will be regular users of Propellers Ad because it is an ad network that is easy to join and approve. Bridge to join quickly. Propellers Ad provides instant reporting in real time and you can use it on phone platforms and social networks.

Propellers Ad takes full advantage of advertising types such as pop-up ads, pop-unders, dialogs, … and applies an 80:20 profit ratio to all publishers. Moreover, the cost of showing ads will range from $ 1 to $ 10 depending on the geographical location of the people visiting your site.

About payment methods, Propellers Ad will process your payment via bank transfer, PayPal, PayZa, Payoneer, …. With the transfer method, you must reach $ 550 and other forms of payment, you must reach at least $ 100, Propellers Ad to make a payment for you.

However, the biggest disadvantage of Propellers Ad is that the frequent use of pop-up and pop-under ads will make customers visit the site sometimes annoying. However, in return, you will benefit greatly from these forms of advertising, especially when the ads are displayed in each specific geographic area.


Top of the list for blog and website 4 is a reputable advertising company trusted by major publishers such as NY Daily News, Forbes, Meredith and Reuters. It is a well-known contextual advertising network because it runs on Bing and Yahoo’s contextual advertising platform. is the first choice for small and medium-sized blogs. However, when joining, you will have to meet some of the following requirements:

– Blog must be in English
– Content is original and quality content, relevant to readers
– The content on the blog must be regularly updated
– Does not contain adult content
– Do not place too many ads
– Do not book chat rooms or forums on the blog / website

Once you have been approved by, it will provide you with an account manager so you can tailor the ads to your liking and manage revenue reports. will pay you when you make at least $ 100. Payments are processed according to Net30 policy and via PayPal, wire transfer.

4. Conversant Media

Conversant Media is a popular advertising network that start-up bloggers should consider because of its simple engagement policy and quality ads from big brands. If you want to join Conversant Media, you need to meet some of the following requirements:

– Blog must have at least 3000 visitors per month
– The page must show original content, quality, regularly updated
– The website is only in English

Conversant Media makes payments via PayPal, transfers according to Net60 policy (processing time and payment takes place within 60 days) when bloggers reach $ 25. Despite this, many bloggers said they received the money within 25 days.

5. Technorati media

Top list of best ads for blogs and websites 5

Bloggers who are active on social networks should choose Technorati media because this company is one of the largest social networking advertising networks in the world and famous for the quality of ads. To get Technorati media approval, you need to meet the following requirements:

– The page does not contain adult, gambling, illegal content, …
– Blog in English only
– Do not participate in any advertising network other than Technorati media
Payment will be processed according to Net60 policy with a minimum threshold of $ 50 with payment options via PayPal, check.


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