Top YouTube app for Windows 10

Top YouTube app for Windows 10

Is there an official Youtube app for Windows 10? Where is the best application? And, how to get the best but completely free app? In this article, let’s explore to find the best free YouTube applications for Windows 10, helping you to work and relax while ensuring work efficiency!

Top YouTube app for Windows 10

Table of Contents:
1. Pro Tube.
2. Tubecast for YouTube.
3. Awesome Tube.
4. myTube.
5. WinTube for YouTube.
6. Perfect Tube.
7. 4K Player for YouTube.
8. LikeTube for YouTube.
9. Music Player for YouTube.

1. Pro Tube (Free)

Topping the list is one of the lightest YouTube apps for Windows 10, mostly used for computers that don’t really work. The application design is quite simple and inspired by the Metro interface, found on Windows 8 and higher.

Top YouTube apps for Windows 10

You can easily log into your YouTube account and watch videos as if using the browser.

– Download Pro Tube here.

2. Tubecast for YouTube (Free)

If you want to stream YouTube videos to other supported devices, Tubecast for YouTube is the solution for you. When using this application, you can easily stream any video to Chromecast, devices that support AirPlay, Roku, Xbox, Playstation, and Amazon Fire TVet al.

top youtube apps for windows 10 2

Best of all, the app will allow you to stream 4K quality videos, as well as download your favorite videos and save them in your device storage. The Tubecast app also works great when you want to listen to music.

– Download Tubecast for YouTube here.

3. Awesome Tube (Free)

Awesome Tube is a great YouTube app for Windows 10, with lots of features built into it. You can use the application to watch videos with Picture-in-Picture mode (minimize the video to the lower corner of the screen). That means you can still continue your current work and combine it with watching YouTube videos. You can also download videos and store them in the device memory.

top youtube apps for windows 10 3

The application is divided into many different pages like the web interface of YouTube. Awesome Tube also supports online video and chat when watching these videos. This is a completely free YouTube app for computers running Windows 10, but it contains ads. You can remove these ads by purchasing premium packages.

– Download Awesome Tube here.

4. myTube ($ 0.99)

myTube is an older YouTube application for Windows 10. The user interface of myTube is quite similar to the YouTube web interface with the ability to download videos and save to playlists.

top youtube apps for windows 10 4

It also has Picture-in-Picture mode like Awesome Tube. myTube does not have advanced features, due to its simplicity and ease of use.

– Download myTube here.

5. WinTube for YouTube (Free)

WinTube for YouTube is one of the smoothest YouTube applications for laptops and desktops running the Windows 10 operating system. It focuses primarily on user interface visualization and usability that is ignored. Many advanced features like in other applications.

top apps for youtube youtube list 5 5

You can watch your favorite videos of different resolutions, participate in live chat while watching online videos, …. If you are looking for a simple and easy to use application, then WinTube will be one of the best YouTube apps you can download for free.

– Download WinTube for YouTube here.

6. Perfect Tube (Free)

If you’re looking for the perfect YouTube app for Windows 10, Perfect Tube will be your stop. The user interface is minimal and very easy to use, but there will be a host of other features to ensure a seamless experience for you. If you use a touch device, you will love Perfect Tube more, because it supports integrated gestures.

top app for youtube for Windows 10 6

This application allows you to open a YouTube link directly, and provides the option to minimize the video. The only minus point of Perfect Tube is that you will have to pay for some features in the application.

– Download Perfect Tube here.

7. 4K Player for YouTube (1.99USD)

4K Player for YouTube is designed primarily for those who want to enjoy high quality video from a desktop application. The user interface of this application is also minimalist, intuitive, and very easy to use.

The interface displays multiple tabs with many important details. The category tab is updated daily and changes according to trends so you can find new and more interesting videos.

top youtube apps for windows 10 7

The 4K Player app also supports playback, so you can enjoy your music while working. You will have to pay a fee of nearly 2USD; However, you will have 1 day trial before making a decision.

– Download 4K Player for YouTube here.

8. LikeTube for YouTube (Free)

Do you like the look and layout of the YouTube mobile version? Do you want your Windows 10 app to copy the same interface? If so, LikeTube for YouTube is the app for you, with a minimalistic interface and almost identical YouTube mobile app.

top app for youtube for Windows 10 8

This application is very light and does not use too many resources. You can log in and watch videos. However, you will not be able to download or use advanced features like in some other applications. LikeTube is a reasonable option for people still using an old computer, running a dual-core or 2-core system.

– Download LikeTube for YouTube here.

9. Music Player for YouTube (Free)

top app for youtube for Windows 10 9

The Music Player for YouTube application has a very simple premise, to meet the requirements of people who regularly listen to music on YouTube. You can search songs in different genres with just a few clicks and even use geolocation filters if you want to listen to music from a specific country. If you prefer to listen to music offline, this app also allows you to save videos as MP3 for later use.

– Download Music Player for YouTube here.
Hopefully, with the above information of, you can choose the application that best suits your computer and your needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please comment in the box below, we will respond as soon as possible. In addition, there are many support applications Download Youtube videos about the computers you can use anymore.


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