What is Photoshop more than GIMP?

What is Photoshop more than GIMP?

When it comes to advanced and professional image editing, the two most popular image editing software are Photoshop and GIMP. While GIMP can do many things like Photoshop, there are things that you can only do in Photoshop. So what are those things? Readers learn with Taimienphi.vn offline

Photoshop is nothing more than GIMP

Table of Contents:
1. Photoshop has a CMYK color mode.
2. Easy non-destructive editing.
3. Good customer support and strong development.
4. Photoshop has more powerful tools.
5. Photoshop is compatible with other applications.
6. Photoshop can handle RAW and PSD files well.

1. Photoshop has a CMYK color mode

There are two main color modes that professional designers use: RGB and CMYK. RGB comes from the red, green and blue pixels used to display images on the screen. Meanwhile, CMYK is a deeper color range, using cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink to create a picture. CMYK is commonly used by printers to print high quality photos for commercial purposes.

photoshop is better than gimp

Although that 2 Graphic designing software Photoshop or GIMP can describe all colors but GIMP does not provide CMYK color mode. However, the color you choose depends on the requirements of your work. If you need to display colors correctly on print publications, paper, posters, screens, etc. then you should use CMYK color mode. That is probably also the reason why designers need CMYK color mode.

2. Easy non-destructive editing

Over the past decade, one of Photoshop’s most powerful enhancements has been the ability to make non-destructive edits through options and layers easily. Accordingly, you can use a variety of tools to modify everything in the image the way you want and if you do not like a certain edit, you can undo the previous change or the image. root by using the “undo” feature.

photoshop is better than gimp

However, despite many improvements over the years, GIMP has not yet added this feature. So, if you are making simple adjustments to your image, it will not be a problem to start over, but if you have been editing and want to remove a change, then you will definitely take a lot more effort.

3. Good customer support and strong development

Photoshop was invested by a large budget company while GIMP was founded by a group of volunteers. While the budget is not a barrier to GIMP from creating useful programs, it is also considered as a reason why GIMP has a lot of difficulties when it comes to competing with Photoshop.

What is pimp, gimp?

Regarding customer support policy, due to its large budget, Adobe has a professional team ready to help you with any problem as long as you have Adobe ID available. You just need to talk or chat with technical support staff and your problems will be solved quickly. Meanwhile, with GIMP, if you need help, you’ll probably have to wait for the founders to be free to answer you.

4. Photoshop has more powerful tools

Also because it is more budgeted, it is not surprising that Photoshop has more powerful tools. Both Photoshop and GIMP have basic features like levels, curves, and masks, but when it comes to the pixel feature, Photoshop is really better than GIMP.

photoshop is better than gimp

For example, Photoshop has 4 separate healing tools with many control options that allow you to edit images as you like. Meanwhile, GIMP is only one. To remove a spot on the image you don’t like, this tool is ok but for intensive photo editing, this is not enough. Overall, Photoshop actually has many superior features and tools over GIMP.

5. Photoshop is compatible with other applications

A big plus of Photoshop is that it works well with a lot of other applications like Lightroom, Illustrator, Creative Cloud, … You can open photoshop files in these applications and edit images as you like. For example, you can draw more images in the image Illustrator and then continue the color correction in Photoshop.

photoshop is better than gimp

GIMP is the opposite of Photoshop when you can’t combine it with other applications. GIMP is merely a basic photo editing application. Therefore, if you just want to do basic editing then GIMP will seem to be a good choice but if you need to edit a lot of images then you will have more difficulty using GIMP.

6. Photoshop can handle RAW and PSD files well

Modern cameras can export in RAW or JPG file formats. Because RAW files contain more information, if you want to improve your image, you should use this format. Thanks to CameraRAW, Photoshop can handle RAW files from all types of cameras today, and Photoshop updates also constantly add support for new image types. However, GIMP is unable to do this. You need to use an additional RAW processor to be able to convert files to JPG before editing photos in GIMP.

photoshop is better than gimp

In addition, Photoshop can work well with PSD format. The PSD file format is exclusive to Photoshop and has been widely used. GIMP can open PSD files but there will be times when it cannot display everything correctly.

Currently, Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS6 are the most used versions, if Photoshop CC has many new features, Photoshop CS6 again has an easier interface to use.


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