What is the standard typing speed? High, low, medium

What is the standard typing speed? High, low, medium

In the current technological era, computers are an indispensable part in all work as well as human activities. Therefore, typing skills is one of the extremely necessary skills. So do you know what the standard typing speed is? Please check your typing speed and compare with the standard typing speed in the following article of Taimienphi.vn!

Typing is an indispensable skill for everyone today. Fast typing, standard will save a lot of time, increase efficiency at work. Of course typing speed Taimienphi.vn refers to the speed of processing on a physical keyboard, not the On screen keyboard, because the On screen keyboard is only used when we have a broken keyboard. The speed of the virtual keyboard is also not high because users must use the mouse to press each key in the virtual keyboard. In terms of typing speed, most fast typists can type 10 fingers on the keyboard and prefer to use a mechanical keyboard, instead of a laptop keyboard, because tap 10 fingers on the mechanical keyboard will give high response, faster when you type with the laptop keyboard a lot. Of course this is only a partial assessment, because if you use a laptop keyboard often, then it is likely that the speed will be higher than the removable keyboard.

Of course, to type fast, we have to go through practice time, practice typing skills. Just practice typing skills, writing documents, users still need tips to help you type standard and fastest text to improve speed. Well-versed in 10-finger writing and writing skills Standard and fastest typing tips Surely you will improve your typing speed up high.

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Currently, standard typing speed is divided into high, low, and medium levels. You can refer to what you are typing at what speed, satisfactory or not.

– Low typing speed: Under 60WPM

– Average typing speed: From 60 to 100 WPM

– High typing speed: From 100 WPM to 140WPM.

– Professional typing speed: Above 140WPM.

– Typing speed record: 163WMP

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In today’s society, computers are an integral part of all human activities and activities. Typing skill is one of the skills that need regular training. So you want to know what the standard typing speed is ?, After checking the typing speed, I am at high, low, medium or how.

To check what your typing speed is, just do the test case right away. Just follow the instructions in the typing test and try to draft words with the speed test tool, you will know what level you are at, what more practice you need to improve the speed typing. In the website testing the typing speed, there are both Vietnamese and English typing speed, along with many other languages, you can choose to practice typing speed up.


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