10 best screen capture tools for computers

With 10 best screen capture tools that Taimienphi shares below like Snagit, FastStone Capture or Snap … will help you save images displayed on your computer screen, laptop, then edit with Tools available for making tips, settings or wallpapers.

Taking screenshots is one of the most frequent activities when using a computer, Screenshots are used for a variety of purposes of the user.

Currently, most operating systems provide tools for taking screenshots. The most common is the Print Screen button, followed by the Snipping tool on Windows 7, Windows 8 and even Windows 10.

However, if you want to take screenshots more professionally, please refer to the following 10 applications. These are all new applications, modern and have a lot of editing features to help you only need to use a single software for taking screenshots.

1. MegaBackup

Currently, this is the most popular screen capture application. Screenshot Editor’s MegaBackup feature is easy to use and friendly even for those who do not know much about the technology.

Download MegaBackup here: Download MegaBackup

To take a photo, select the area you want to capture and save / share it directly. Or press the Shift button to make edits to the screenshot. In the editing area, you will find lots of interesting features like adding text, adding arrows, blurring, changing colors …

2. Jing

Jing is a free application from TechSmith, the father of the familiar screen recording and video editing software such as Camtasia, Screencast, etc. Jing specializes in taking, editing and sharing screenshots. The application also allows to record screen videos with a limit of 5 minutes.

Download Jing

After installing Jing, a yellow sun icon will appear at the top of the screen.

Hover over it and select Capture. Select the area to capture on the screen, select Capture image (image icon) to take a photo or Capture video (filmstrip icon) to start recording video.

After shooting, you can edit photos right away with tools like adding text, titles, arrows, highlights and more.

3. Snagit

Snagit is also a product from TechSmith. Whether you want to take screenshots or just a small area, Snagit will help you with just a few mouse clicks.

Turning your screenshot into an idea, a message to share with everyone has never been simpler.

Download now Snagit

In addition to taking photos, you can also write comments on photos, add arrows, highlight areas needed and add shapes to express your ideas.

4. FastStone Capture

Coming to FastStone Capture, this is a powerful application with many notable features but very light. Intuitive interface, clear function keys on FastStone Capture are the strong points of the program.

Download FastStone Capture

In FastStone’s editor, you’ll find tools for resizing, cropping, watermarking, adding arrows, captions, special effects, and more.

5. Ashampoo Snap

If you are looking for a tool and software specifically for taking screenshots and editing conveniently, this is really the best choice for you.

Download Ashampoo Snap

Ashampoo Snap is an application that creates high quality screenshots. Ashampoo Snap supports users to take screenshots in a variety of flexible modes, and quickly save or export photos and videos to any clipboard or file.

The software also includes editing tools such as adding text, annotations, arrows and some special effects to enhance the quality of photos and allow direct upload of products to Facebook or YouTube.

6. Gadwin PrintScreen

Recently, Gadwin Systems has just released the latest version 5.4 of PrintScreen application.

Gadwin PrintScreen has a very simple and easy to use interface.

Download the latest version 5.4 here: Download Gadwin PrintScreen

Along with flexible imaging capabilities, advanced editing tools make your photos more vivid and easier to understand.

To take a photo, in the application menu, select Capture Fullscreen (center circle) for full screen capture, Capture Windows (window capture) or Capture Rectangular Area (capture an optional rectangular area). After pressing the shutter button, you will be taken to the image editing window.

7. Screenpresso

A completely new free software that mainly takes screenshots, photo editing, video recording and sharing on social networks. Screenpresso is compatible with both Windows 10, 8 / 8.1 and 7, and the app also has a version for iOS.

Download link: Download Screenpresso

Screenpresso Pro’s quite convenient and powerful photo editor makes it easy to highlight the important places on your screenshots with useful tools such as cropping, adding borders, annotating bubbles. , callout, text box and spotlight.

8. ScreenHunter Pro

Possessing unique image editing capabilities with many advanced features, ScreenHunter Pro is gaining great favor from users.

Download Screen Hunter Pro

The application has a very flexible interface and tools that are easy to use. You can close the watermark, resize the image, add text, captions, borders and other color effects. The application will automatically name the image helps you take a step less when taking screenshots.

9. SPX Instant Screen Capture

Although not a free application, the 15-day trial period is enough to make you love SPX Instant Screen Capture.

Download SPX Instant Screen Capture here: Download SPX Instant Screen Capture

As a professional tool in screen capture, SPX Instant Screen Capture provides features such as adding shooting date and time, signature, caption and other great features.

10. HyperSnap

And finally, HyperSnap – the perfect combination of super sharp screen capture and powerful editing.

Download link HyperSnap

Whether you are using screenshots for tutorials, presentations, or other documents, HyperSnap will help you get clear messages.

To take a photo, go to the Capture tab and choose the shooting types: Full Screen, Windows, Region

Edit photos with the tools in the Edit tab, there are many options such as adding text, captions, shapes, arrows …

In addition, HyperSnap also has the ability to retouch, edit image color (image manipulation). Go to the Image tab and use these diverse options to enhance the quality of your photos.

Above, taimienphi.vn has just introduced 10 best and most professional screen capture tools for computers. All of these tools will help you out, whether you’re using screenshots for tutorials, presentations, or other documents.
To manage images, you’ll need image management and storage applications. Use Google Photos to manage, cloud storage and data synchronization extremely convenient. Another absolute advantage of Photos is providing unlimited free storage completely. Google Photos now has versions for Android, iOS and PCs.

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