10 cool Google search tips not to be missed

10 cool Google search tips not to be missed

The Google search engine is used by many users to search for information on the internet for work and study. However, to use Google search effectively, not everyone knows. Here are 10 cool Google search tips that you can’t ignore.

Google is considered the largest search engine today, accounting for the majority of users worldwide. With just one click, you have thousands of results returned instantly.

10 cool Google search tips not to be missed

1. Search for content on a certain Website

You can use Google to search for content inside a Web page by entering: keyword to search site: the website address. Google will then return results related to the keywords within that Web page.

2. Search for Web pages with similar content

To search for websites with similar content you enter in the Google search engine: related: site name. Google will then return the results as Web pages with content similar to the one you enter.

3. Currency converter, unit of measure

To convert foreign currencies or units of measure you use “big” in between two types of foreign currencies or two types of units of measurement. For example, if you want to convert from USD to VND then enter: USB to VND, … Google will then return the search results right on top. (Currently 1USD = 21250 VND as shown below)

4. Perform calculations online

You can perform mathematical calculations directly on Google by entering the word “Calculator“At that time the computer table appears allowing you to perform online calculations easily.

5. Check flight

Flight check helps you know which flight ever landed, flight status, … convenient for transporting relatives at the airport. To check the flight, you enter airline and flight code. Eg: American Airlines 8931. The flight information was then displayed for you. (12:10 am October 30 departing – 5:01 am October 31 arriving)

6. Check movie showtimes

You can check movie showtimes by typing in Google: showtimes: movie name. The results will be displayed for you to know. However, this feature is not yet supported in Vietnam.

7. See the world time

To see the time of the countries in the world, enter Google in the syntax: time: location (location here may be country or region name). Then the returned results will show up first for you to see.

8. Timer tool

Are you in need of a timer? On Google, there is also a tool to help you do this. Please fill in the search box “set a timer”And this tool will come up on a screen that allows you to adjust the time and alarm when the time is up.

9. Search by file format

To search for data in the file format you want, type it into Google: The name of the file to search for filetype The file format name (File name can be: doc, pdf, …)

10. Search for the definition of a word

When you see a specialized word, in-depth, … about something you don’t know. You can search for its definition using Google tools. Please enter the search box with the syntax: define, word to find meaning. When the results are returned, you can see the definition of the word.


Instead of the usual way of searching on Google, you can rely on the useful information above to search more effectively for the results you need.

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